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Kate Gordon mastered pole dancing

The TV presenter has published a photo, which shows his fans a great stretching and physical training. Fans have already dubbed the star of the second Volochkova".

Катя Гордон освоила танец у шеста

Kate Gordon became interested in pole dance. Photo:

Kate Gordon not so long ago became interested in a new hobby - TV began to develop one of the varieties of dance - pole dance. Now the blonde learns to speak at the pole, which professionals called pylon, patiently mastering the elements of dance, gymnastics and acrobatics. And the results of their studies Gordon regularly shares with fans, post pictures with training.

Катя Гордон освоила танец у шеста

Kate Gordon is able to fairly complex elements of dance around the pole. Photo:

Success in the dance Studio explicitly encourage Katya: she has already confessed to his subscribers that the sport perfectly suited her: "I am 33 years old. I left her husband because he was... too good for me;) I have no penthouse, maseratti, I work as an ox for my son it was all... In my heart love lives in my head music, we do beautiful business, and thanks to @bodrovo4ka I found my sport and my life is cool beautiful complex bolny...(spelling and punctuation of the author saved - approx. WomanHit)," wrote the star, published a photo, which depicted at the moment of execution of one of the most difficult elements of pole dance.

Катя Гордон освоила танец у шеста

Itself Gordon admits that he has found "his sport". Photo:

Fans of Gordon her new hobby approved, and some are so delighted stretching presenter that they immediately dubbed her "the second Volochkova".


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