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Moscow, I love you: what songs devote the capital

On the first Saturday of September Moscow will celebrate his birthday. Many artists have songs about the capital. WomanHit remembered those that were written recently, but have already become popular.

Москва, я тебя люблю: какие песни посвящают столице

Nikolay Rastorguev and group "lube". photo: Lily Karlowska

"Streets of Moscow", the group "lube"
In 1997, when the capital celebrated the 850th anniversary, there are many songs about Moscow. So, Oleg Gazmanov sang "Moscow, bells are ringing", which has become almost the new anthem of the capital. As the poet Alexander saganaw wrote "streets of Moscow", in which he attempted to talk about the city where you grew up. In the song mentioned 18 streets, Belarusian station and GUM. According to the poet, he just didn't listed the names rhyme, and talked about the places associated with him and his friends. After the song by the group "lube" the whole country was singing: "streets of Moscow: Spassky, Peter..."

Москва, я тебя люблю: какие песни посвящают столице

Garik Sukachev.

"Month of may", Garik Sukachev
This song is one of the most popular Sukachev. "Here on the asphalt heels, here shouts the month of may. I'll give you Moscow, quickly come." According to the singer, he loves Moscow, especially the area where you grew up, - Tushino. He often recalls the days when men played in the yard dominoes and stood everywhere loft. It is therefore not surprising that Garik has decided to tell about his yard Moscow where she grew up and which he remembers.

Москва, я тебя люблю: какие песни посвящают столице

The soloist of group "VA Bank" Alexander F. Sklar. Photo: Leonid Signals.

"The routes from Moscow, Alexander F. Sklyar
In 1958, when Alexander was born, his grandfather received a plot of 8 acres in the suburbs, near the village Kupavna. And the whole family went there on the train. This Lodge went to the musician in the inheritance. And as said today Sklar, best of all, he is resting in the countryside, on grandfather's cottage. In memory of family travel, he still sings one of his most popular songs: "the Train from Moscow I will travel, I will go nowhere.

Москва, я тебя люблю: какие песни посвящают столице

Evgeny hawton of Bravo team. Photo: materials of press-services.

"Good evening Moscow", "Bravo"
Evgeny Hawtin fundamentally calls his group in Moscow and said that most of its members are from Moscow. One of the most famous songs of the capital, "Good evening, Moscow: "Good evening, my city, enchanted spring. City jazz city Blues, city-rock-n-roll". This song was included in the album "hipsters from Moscow", released in 1990. He became the first album recorded after the departure of Zhanna Aguzarova together with vocalist Eugene Ocinum, who has worked with "Bravo" for less than a year. However, performed songs they still love and listen to the fans.

Tamara Astapenko


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