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Tatiana Polyakova: "Angels are guardian!"

The famous author of detective stories Tatiana Polyakova itself calls Sprinter. She could not imagine how it is to write one book a year. According to her, personally, it would be burned out and forgot about what he wanted to tell. Strange as it may seem, but it is a high-speed method of work and gave rise to the romantic collection of Easter eggs. To which then was added to the collection of angels.

Татьяна Полякова: «Ангелы – это оберег!»

Tatiana Polyakova. Photo: Miguel.

Works Tatyana Polyakova: two months is closed from all over the world, with no one talking, no leaving the house and almost not even raised from the table. But during this time she manages to give out to the surface a new book. And right after that her body is vital movement. So she goes to travel.

Tatiana Polyakova: "two weeks back with a completely brainwashed. Lots of new impressions and acquaintances. But on the beach I do not lie, because of their age the sun is not gravitate. I love to run, something to look at. In one of my "magnitnykh" trips - it fell on Easter my friend gave me the egg. And so it was beautiful that, when I got home I put it in a prominent place on your Desk. But then I thought that in the locker gift will be in greater safety. There are my books. Stress - only mine. Because that was a great story when she released my third detective novel. I put it in a bookcase on the principle cover to cover. Dark to black-haired, blonde to blonde. Went out to the kitchen, and for me, my son, who says, "Mommy, you need to be more modest, you place yourself next to Chekhov determined!" Since then I have a separate locker to yourself and not to offend, and great to touch. Now it is this "my" closet this egg was. But it was kind of lonely. I felt sorry for him".

So there was a second item of the collection?
"Absolutely. I went to the store and saw the egg made under the Christmas Faberge eggs - they were made for the Imperial family. Only this was no jewelry. I liked it, and I bought it. Then my husband gave amazing silver egg: open it, and inside the icon of the virgin. Actually, it was the beginning of my epic gathering. Now my friends know that I have to give. I remember once on my birthday almost every come with an egg. Even the guests themselves laughing at this."

Татьяна Полякова: «Ангелы – это оберег!»

"Painted wooden Easter eggs - a symbol of new life. Photo: Miguel.

The first eggs in your collection, as I understand it, were quite inexpensive?
"About the first I don't know, because it was a gift. And the second I bought for two hundred rubles. It was not my purpose to acquire something of value. But many of these things are very expensive. For example, here is a real goose egg, decorated with beads. They cost a hundred or two hundred dollars. It is a present to myself I would never have bought. Personally, I like the wooden eggs, funny, handicraft industry and painted. Sometimes people do this, not having art education. Thinking, perhaps: how hard egg to paint! It turns out sometimes terribly funny. But yet touching. Unfortunately, these eggs I have scattered around my home. Wasn't the idea to create this collection, to put it in one place, behind the glass. I once my friend asked: "And how many do you have?" Answered that they are not believed. And if you collect, it is probably a lot".

That is the show to do you are not going?
"I Have no such exhibits, which would be valuable. All of this can be found in stores. It's just my attitude: I saw, I held it in my hand, liked it, bought."

Татьяна Полякова: «Ангелы – это оберег!»

Marble cherub came from the German city of Bamberg. Photo: Miguel.

You still angels and gather?
"And all that is connected with them: candlesticks, dishes depicting angels. It all began with a trip to Vologda. Went to one store, and there the angels of wooden, handmade. My attention was attracted by one figure. It was a very sad character. On the General background it looked modest, not so painted. Not from this company. (Laughs.) I realized that I just can't leave in the store. Still don't know why this feeling arose. This angel is now on the nightstand beside the bed. My guardian. We then became friends at once". (Laughs.)

And how did you get the rest?
"Stunning angel brought his wife from Denmark. He's so ridiculous! Some triangles, but through the chaos lurks something touching. I also loved. Although many who come to my house, don't even know what it is. And, of course, many fans give and eggs, and angels. We have the same people grateful. Some of the journalists wrote about my collection, and now every time a reader finishes handing me gifts".

For you they have some meaning?
"Angels are guardian!"

Татьяна Полякова: «Ангелы – это оберег!»

Sad angel Tatiana daughter-in-law brought from Finland. Photo: Miguel.

And eggs?
"I think that the Easter painted eggs - a symbol of new life! But by and large, do not bother, honestly. Just like the shape, material. Tree pleasant to the touch. If the glass or stone - too beautiful. No artist did not paint as it will make nature".

In your books, and these interests were manifested?
"I try to distance themselves from their characters. Had a negative experience - my serial heroine. I wanted to part with it, but she to me has stuck. And I had the temerity to give her some of my habits. For example, in a manner of speaking. In Russian it's called hohmuth, joking. She, like I, too, do not like morning. The worst time of the day. (Laughs.) I Wake up, sashageaws. And I like to work late in the evening or night as decent people do not call after twelve, and you're not distracted! Now, from my point of view, the similarity between us was insignificant, but it so happened that all noticed him. When released third book, the closest people began to say: "Ryazantsev is you!" It was a shame, because it was only about some similarity in habits, but not in character. Then I realized that my heroes should be as small as possible similar to me. They can collect anything, until the vodka Soviet times, but not what I collect. So now I have a principle!"

Vitaly Brodsky


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