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Konstantin Kryukov is about the best summer fun

Finally the time has come to leave. We pack the suitcases, trying not to forget a single detail. Renowned actor knows what books should I take with me on vacation.

Константин Крюков – о лучшей летней забаве

Konstantin Kryukov with his wife Alina. photo: Lily Karlowska

"I have a long history of relationship with literature. Because I grew up abroad in Switzerland. And there reading unpopular, especially in schools. Then we moved to Moscow, and the first time I actually learned somehow to read and write in Russian. In ninth grade I was transferred to the externship, and that's when I saw the great power of literature. I just got lucky: I had an amazing teacher that has been put aside school and showed me the best specimens of literature. Then I realized that reading can be a real passion in life!

Had a hand in my literary education and my father. Through the works of Schopenhauer, no matter how it seemed strange that he gave me to understand, what is a good book. The fact that I racked up a very existential question, the answer to which I couldn't find a very long time, I was already exhausted himself and torment of others. And then the father went with me to the bookstore, pulled out a volume of Schopenhauer and gave it to me. I was amazed: this is the guy that solved all my problems in one sentence! And after all, Tom – hundred pages, this is how many interesting things you can find there!

Since then I began to read a lot. It's my favorite pastime: I don't watch TV, sports are not engaged. Here and sit with a book all the free time.

I also love to read on vacation. And I have a few tips for those who just now is going on summer vacation. When you go to another country, or stock up books by local authors, or works about the country of visit. Guarantee: emotions will be brighter, because your impressions will overlap with the thoughts of great personalities. Just do not overdo it. And that was my one story: I went to the Dead sea and was so enthralled by stories about Sodom and Gomorrah that he even believed that somewhere near is still possible to see a pillar of Salt, which is called "Lot's wife". I remember the surprise of the girls at the front Desk of the hotel, when I seriously started to try to find out, how exactly do I get to the pillar of Salt, because I need to present flowers "Lot's wife".

Anna Piscia


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