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ONYX Dontsov Book is for fans and not only

Now, hardly anyone will be surprised e-book - on my way to work and home, in a shady square or under the scorching sun on the beach, everywhere we see people reading books with electronic devices. Most importantly, these devices are ideal for reading, allowing you to get pleasure from their favorite works, but, without spoiling the our vision.

ONYX Донцова Book – для фанатов и не только


It's no secret that technology is increasingly pervasive in our lives. What we previously could only be read in science fiction novels, now becomes familiar and commonplace. This is understandable, because the technology adds additional comfort in our life, allowing you to not waste your precious time in vain, and to enjoy life in all colors. In the product line ONYX Boox e-book presents tastes of the user, whether scientific, ancient, Egyptian, great travel series and author. The main purpose of books - reading documents in digital format. For such purposes, set up special devices for reading electronic books – bookreaders, or just a "reader". Their distinguishing feature is a special type of display, based on the technology of "electronic paper". These screens are very similar to page conventional paper books, they don't Shine (as the screens of smartphones or tablets) and do not affect vision users. Meet author reader Darya Dontsova It is this type screen of the latest generation installed in the so-called "fanbase" or the author's ONYX eReader Dontsova Book. In creating the e-book was attended by the writer Darya Dontsova, and in the reader everything is subordinated to the style of the author. The body of the e-reader has a small footprint that allows you to place it in a handbag. In this case it comes together with "smart" cover that not only protects the screen, but when you close puts the device into sleep mode.

ONYX Донцова Book – для фанатов и не только

And the device itself, and its interface, and even have the original cover design, which used the works of the writer, easily recognizable style all her fans. But that's not all. For the reader already has 40 books from 4 of the most read series Darya Dontsova. Bibliography author is automatically updated when a new book comes out, and "Top 100", where the best books are, in the opinion of most writers. In addition, with reader you can easily view the records on the page of the author on a social network "Vkontakte". "Fanbook", but not only! As we have said, the reader is equipped with modern TV. But it is worth noting that this screen has the function of ambient lighting that allows you to read in low light conditions and even in total darkness. And unlike light displays of smartphones and tablets, similar light eye safe because its light is evenly distributed over the surface of the screen. The technology of these screens provides readers throughout the month. Thanks to modern stuffing, ebook quickly opens any files, and internal memory will be enough for a whole library. However, if there is a need to carry district library, then you can use an optional memory card. And here it is important to note that the device can read the works of their favorite authors that you can upload from your computer or purchase directly from the reading room. In addition, it is possible to go online and, thanks to the Android OS also install additional Android apps from Google Play. Now there is no need to carry a weighty volume, we need only one small reading room, in which everything is already there, and any book appears on the screen in a couple of clicks. Photos: LTD. "Company of MacCentre" Source

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