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Dmitriy Nesterov: "We stopped in inadequate housing –only the bare walls and stairs with no handrail"

Дмитрий Нестеров: «Мы заехали в неблагоустроенное жилье –только голые стены и лестница без перил»

The singer revealed its "Danish house"It is no secret that every resident of the metropolis wants to own a house in the village. Dmitry Nxtera no exception. Eight years ago, he became the happy owner of a country estate, just nine kilometres from Moscow. The author and performer of songs, TV and radio presenter, winner of music awards and is a participant of festivals — a busy man, but always willing to make time for communication

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5 harmful habits of the past

5 вредных бытовых привычек

Forget everything you were taught as a childHabit No. 1To make the bed as soon as I stood up with her, teach kids, starting with kindergarten age, but in vain. You "lock up" in a warm cheese linen microbes and dust mites which are reproducing successfully in that environment. Leave the blanket unfolded and air bed.Do not rush to fill кроватьpixabay.comHabit No. 2A hurry to flush the toilet, only standing with him

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Wedding out of town: fashion trend 2018

Свадьба за городом: модный тренд 2018 года

Practical advice on choosing the best cottage for weddingSpring begins high wedding season, traditionally the peak of which falls in summer. Many couples have already begun to search the site for weddings since mid-summer that might be a problem. In Moscow and other cities of Russia will host the football world Cup and expects a huge influx of guests from different countries

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Saturday, February 17 in the South-East of Moscow will be held the official opening of the showroom Fismart! — the largest retailer of kitchen and home accessories in Moscow opens the first official showroom in the Mall Veshnyaki.The product range includes various brands: Fissman, Nadoba, JosephJoseph, Happy Babby, ., Rondell and many other foreign brands.At the opening guests will find many surprises! Contests, prizes, master classes, autograph sessions with popular bloggers

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4 tips that will prolong the life of your washing machine

4 совета, которые продлят жизнь вашей стиральной машины

Care of your helper and follow the instructionsTip # 1Before washing, carefully check all pockets to had no extra. Buttons, weighing on the thread should sew it tight. Small items, like handkerchiefs folded into a special grid. The most common failure washing machines is a failure of the drain pump. It becomes clogged with debris, fragments of décor, clothing, thin socks and similar items.Keep the drum not hit anything лишнегоpixabay

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Stock photography: what trends will rule in 2018?

In the world of stock photos and then there are new directions, setting the rhythm photographers, and designers.This year was no exception to the rule and have already identified some key landmarks for those who want to be in trend, creating the current popular photography. Consider the main trends of this year that will determine the supply and demand in the market of commercial photography

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5 steps to clean kitchen appliances easily and quickly

You do not need expensive toolsAction # 1The stove is one of the dirtiest places in the kitchen. It accumulates the fat that adheres leftover food, and if a smooth surface scrub can be quite easy, the handles are usually poorly amenable to purification. First, they are made of plastic, and secondly, often have an unusual shape.We will help conventional pharmaceutical means, which is literally pennies. This ammonia-anise tincture. Still, we need cotton swabs, a toothbrush and rubber gloves

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The history of Christmas toys

История возникновения елочных игрушек

Every year we decorate the Christmas tree and decorate the apartment before the New year to bring home the feast. But you never think, where did this tradition. remembered the story and figured out how to decorated the house of our ancestorsThe tradition of decorating Christmas trees emerged in the first half of the seventeenth century in Germany and in the Baltic States. Then decorations were quite simple and followed the Christian symbolism

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This will clear your washing machine of germs

Ordinary dishwasher tablets easily clean and washingYou regularly wash in your washing machine dirty. But for the security of the appliances itself needs regular cleaning.She does not have time to dry before its surface is formed of a huge number of harmful microorganisms. The tray for detergent and rubber seal — all of this you must regularly clean of the accumulated dirt.Cleaning the home appliance for washing clothes will not take you any effort

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Aspirin can replace bleach

Several ways to use a tool that is in every medicine Cabinet, for washing white clothesAll of us have faced a situation when a pair of outdated spots forces you to throw out your favorite white t-shirt. Not all bleaches are coping with wine stains, blood or spilled jam. Few people know, but aspirin, which is in each first aid kit, to cope with this task much better. will tell how to use this tool, so you can use it to give dirty items a second life

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