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We arrange the furniture according to Feng Shui

Расставляем мебель по фэн-шую

Our prosperity depends not only on ourselves but also on the energy that lives with us. learned from the expert how to create a harmonious atmosphere to attract good luck into the houseHave you thought about the fact that the harmony in the home depends in part on the location of the interior? Where, for example, is a bed, depends on your sleep and overall health. The ancient science of Feng Shui is called upon to help you achieve prosperity and harmony

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5 ways to use baking soda

5 способов применения соды

This is probably the most versatile product. All of it is, but not everyone knows how to use it. made a selection of possible situations where soda is what you needThere is not a house where on the shelf is not stored pack of soda. It is usually added to the dough instead of baking powder. But soda is ideal as a detergent and as an ingredient of cosmetic masks, and even as a medicine. Let's consider five options for the use of this budget wonder drug

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What kind of tree to choose

Какую елку выбрать

Before the New year is less than a month — it's time to put up a Christmas tree. This year, designers rely on new and old trends, implementing bright ideas for the main holiday decorationsComing 2019 — the year of Yellow earth Pig, belongs to the Earth element, so in the design should be based on natural color. You should also not forget about shades of yellow and their derivatives, so instead of the usual silver rain buy gold tinsel. Welcome orange, beige, amber color

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What should be the new year's table

Каким должен быть новогодний стол

Clairvoyant Caretta Akhmetzhanova tells how to make the coming year has been gracious to us, and what, conversely, should be avoided so as not to annoy the PigThe year of the Pig will soon come into its own, and every woman will try to make a Christmas table as delicious and beautiful. Let's see how to surprise Earthen Pig and what she likes.According to the Eastern horoscope it closes a Pig year, so this animal must be the maximum attention. Pigs are very good animal

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Flowers that are dangerous to keep in the apartment

Цветы, которые опасно держать в квартире

Some, even very beautiful, the plants can become a real disaster for your home. WomanHit will help to make the right choiceHave you noticed that occasionally your house is out of order electrical appliances, the mood of the whole family often goes bad, or you have happen some kind of trouble. Such a negative is quite difficult to expel. But do not despair, you will come potted plants, specifically flowers. We all know that they cleaned the house from bad energy

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How to bring order in the wardrobe

Как навести порядок в гардеробе have collected for you a few tips on proper storage of itemsEverything should be in sightOften we are faced with the fact that we have nothing to wear. All this is due to the fact that we take things in a corner and forget about them. The result is that we buy similar clothes, littered closet. Make all your stuff lying in plain sight. So you will save a lot of time in the selection of the onion and will be able to reduce spending

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Signs that bring money in the house

Приметы, которые приносят деньги в дом

The financial question for many almost always is an edge. found for you some of the most effective rituals to attract material wealthWho does not dream to become financially successful? There is probably no such person who does not experience discomfort inside the word "poverty." In every culture there are special signs that are used in the case of instability in the material plane

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10 products that we stored incorrectly

10 продуктов, которые мы храним неправильно will tell you where to shift your products so that they can longer retain its useful properties, appearance, and palatabilityWheat flour That's right: in the fridgeWe used to store flour somewhere in a cupboard in the kitchen, but it's wrong. Storage at low temperatures and tightly closed, keep this product fresh for months. If you want to extend the storage period, then remove it in the freezer, where it can be left for three months.Мукаpixabay

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5 mistakes during washing

5 ошибок во время стирки

Save your assistantMistake # 1You never wash the machine, but in vain. This is required not only to prolong her life, but also in order to avoid odor and breeding of many bacteria! Periodically rinse the empty drum at the maximum temperature of the water.Scroll through the drum without вещейpixabay.comMistake # 2Of course, given the cost of electricity, we try to wash less often, sticking to the drum the maximum number of things

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