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5 unconventional ways to use salt

5 нетрадиционных способов использования соли

This useful product is valued in ancient timesMethod # 1This product is ideal for washing dishes. Take 1 Cup of product and pour on the oily surface of the pan. Salt will instantly absorb the burnt oil and dirt. Erase all this stuff with a paper towel, now your pots and bowls will be clean even when using cold water.Salt will replace the detergent средствоpixabay.comMethod # 2To return to the life of the wooden cutting Board, sprinkle it with salt, and then RUB with half a lemon

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5 little things that will make your house cozier

5 мелочей, которые сделают ваш дом уютнее

How to give the room personality with a minimal amount of costFigurinesPorcelain knickknacks loved our great-grandmother. But don't get hung up on the material. Wood, metal, glass will allow you to do in a faceless room accent is not worse than the expensive works of Meissen. And choose according to your preference and the overall style of the room. With Oriental design, choose the symbols of Feng Shui, the classical statues of people

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Market room for any tasks

Create harmonious space bedroom is quite a challengeHere it is necessary to take into account many things that can affect the overall picture, the comfort and ergonomics of the premises. So, if there is a desire to radically change the interior without carrying with him a large number of works you can just replace this furniture to another and to achieve this goal. It is possible to play with shapes, materials, styles, colors

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5 things not to send in the washing machine

5 вещей, которые не стоит отправлять в стиральную машину

Defeat your laziness not to run to the store for new itemsSports shoesSomething to hide, often the shoes after training and competition have a bad appearance and foul smell. I guess every girl has heard from friends: "wash sneakers in the washing machine, and so what?". However, they can be damaged by pressure, extraction and hot water, manufacturers do not recommend experimenting.Sports shoes need to be washed with a brush in тазуpixabay

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5 tips on how to manage money

5 советов, как правильно распоряжаться деньгами

Learn to make purchases without loansTip # 1Oddly enough, psychologists rarely suggest to turn on the TV. So you get rid of annoying ads and thus you have less chance of being tempted to buy something unnecessary. Because sometimes we gain a tenth lipstick, just on impulse, which the manufacturer is trying to convey to us from the screen. This also applies to the "hang up" clocks in the Network.Don't become a victim рекламыpixabay

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5 secrets of a cozy and original spaces

5 секретов уютного и оригинального помещения

Updated apartment without any extra costsSecret # 1You have all the furniture arranged on the Ticker along the walls? It's just boring and unproductive. Will push the couch closer to the center of the room, and opposite it place a chair. Thus, you get area for an intimate relationship with someone, and freed a space for bookshelves or aquarium. This is a great move that visually makes the room bigger.Move the couch to центруpixabay.comSecret # 2Leave the "headset" grandmothers

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5 cosmetic products that should not be thrown away

5 косметических средств, которые не стоит выбрасывать

In some vials, you can breathe a second lifeTonicAlcohol tonic will be useful for disinfection of hands and cleaning contaminated surfaces. For example, it is convenient to wipe the keyboard of the computer, which is constantly polluted, and special tools not always at hand.Everything that contains alcohol clears поверхностиpixabay.comLiquid nail Polish removerThis remedy well rubbed various tracks from labels and labels from smooth surfaces

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Dmitriy Nesterov: "We stopped in inadequate housing –only the bare walls and stairs with no handrail"

Дмитрий Нестеров: «Мы заехали в неблагоустроенное жилье –только голые стены и лестница без перил»

The singer revealed its "Danish house"It is no secret that every resident of the metropolis wants to own a house in the village. Dmitry Nxtera no exception. Eight years ago, he became the happy owner of a country estate, just nine kilometres from Moscow. The author and performer of songs, TV and radio presenter, winner of music awards and is a participant of festivals — a busy man, but always willing to make time for communication

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5 harmful habits of the past

5 вредных бытовых привычек

Forget everything you were taught as a childHabit No. 1To make the bed as soon as I stood up with her, teach kids, starting with kindergarten age, but in vain. You "lock up" in a warm cheese linen microbes and dust mites which are reproducing successfully in that environment. Leave the blanket unfolded and air bed.Do not rush to fill кроватьpixabay.comHabit No. 2A hurry to flush the toilet, only standing with him

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Wedding out of town: fashion trend 2018

Свадьба за городом: модный тренд 2018 года

Practical advice on choosing the best cottage for weddingSpring begins high wedding season, traditionally the peak of which falls in summer. Many couples have already begun to search the site for weddings since mid-summer that might be a problem. In Moscow and other cities of Russia will host the football world Cup and expects a huge influx of guests from different countries

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