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7 main dishes of the table at Christmas

Meals to year managed

Once the New year was celebrated in a very different time, and the main winter holiday was Christmas. It was preceded by a 40-day fast. Before the first star, and it is usually considered to be polar, there is nothing was impossible. Only then it was possible to break the fast.


As this dish is called "Sochivo", it is from this word comes the name 6 January — Christmas eve. According to the rules of the kutia is prepared from wheat, but you can take the pic.

Grits are boiled, and then to it add the nuts, raisins, poppy seeds and honey. It is a memorial meal in honor of the ancestors. These symbolize a life identified with the souls of the dead, and the honey represents the sweetness and joy of the birth of Christ.


It is clear that many don't add raisins, and cereals product dry. Washed down with a pudding sauce. Made of dried plums in summer, pears and apples cooked broth. In General, the usual dried fruit compote, but the ancestors believe that they contain solar energy.


Even in the lean year the salted vegetables were saving for the festive Christmas table — they are a symbol of the coming harvest. Pickles, tomatoes, pickled apples and sauerkraut.


With the Christmas table for the Soviet new year's has passed all the possible jelly and aspic. In noble families at the table were served jellied pike perch, a merchant — beef tongue, and the peasants cooked jellied hooves.


Or any salad of boiled vegetables. It is used as an appetizer or as a side dish to the main course. They also represent the harvest.


Oh, you can write pages, chapters, poems. Hot dish for Christmas to be required. And who that is depends on family welfare. Traditional dishes include: suckling pig with buckwheat porridge, goose with sauerkraut, roast duck with apples.


And for dessert baked cookies or gingerbread cookies in the shape of cows, sheep, goats, deer — ROE. To fileplace them — a good lesson for the whole family. The dough can be whatever you like. And if you too lazy to sculpt, take a sand mold from a baby.


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