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Alexei Vorobyov: "My home is a place of solitude"

What was once his home in Los Angeles, the main bachelor of the country?

Someone outside the window is blowing a Blizzard, and in the City of angels summer all year round. In anticipation of the New year, singer and actor Alexei Vorobyov invited us to visit his house in Sunny Los Angeles. Of course, we were not able to overcome the temptation to see what was once his home, the main bachelor of the country and that brightens up his lonely days. And to say that the house gave a lot of secrets of the owner.

— Alex, in Los Angeles celebrate the New year and Christmas?

— I grew up in Central Russia. Therefore, it is very difficult to get used to the New year without snow. In anticipation of the holidays the city is transformed, trying to create for residents and tourists of winter mood. But nothing can replace the snowflakes melting in the palm, the creaking snow under my feet and the smell of tangerines. Helps me to bring back the emotions a Christmas tree. Childhood for me is the most important attribute of the holiday. Tree, twinkling with festive lights every year present in my house. I have until early spring. So I'm trying to extend the holiday and keep the house a sense of magic. When I arrive on set late at night, exhausted, include garlands and dissolve in the magic of the moment. I have Christmas decorations in the form of cameras, musical instruments, music and microphones. These are all gifts my friends and girlfriends.

— In America, you now spend most of the time. And why did you decide to move here?

— I come from Tula, Russian to the bone, and America didn't move. But my home is where my work is. A few years ago I signed a contract, becoming part of the team as a music producer with the world name Redone, and since I live in two countries, in Moscow and Los Angeles. Here I have a beautiful and comfortable home. I'm surrounded by musicians, nearby is the famous concert venue the Hollywood Bowl, the atmosphere imbued with music. Just above me lives a trumpet player, a game which I often hear at night. The neighbor on the right is a Blues guitarist. I also enjoy listening to hours in three nights. (Smiles.) I have the house equipped Studio, and I also love to play after midnight.

Алексей Воробьев: «Мой дом — это место для уединения»

Design house, made of concrete, glass and metal immediately liked, picotto: Natalia Pokachalov

Not because of the creative atmosphere if you chose this area of Los Angeles?

When I arrived, I immediately decided that I will live only in the ocean. I adore the sea, and the opportunity to be around him — happiness. But after more than two years in the coastal area of Santa Monica, I realized I wasn't ready to spend half a day in traffic jams, moving daily to work in the Studio and back home. In the end I had to move to the center of old Hollywood. I had no other choice — the work becomes more and more Studio shooting, where I'm busy as a Director, require a daily presence in the city.

— What guided the choice of housing?

I decided to look for an apartment but a small house — so it is much easier to write at night music. When I record a guitar or drums, the loud noise may disturb neighbors. And by a long search I managed to find this incredible design house — all concrete, glass and metal, but still with great neighbors. When I start playing, my roommate comes in with his guitar and accompanies me!

— What about the ocean?

— Instead of the ocean I have a large patio with a huge Jacuzzi and just ten minutes from the legendary Capitol Records building, once owned by Frank Sinatra. There I recorded her English album.

Алексей Воробьев: «Мой дом — это место для уединения»

Alexey plays several musical instruments and writes at home, musicphoto: Natalia Pokachalov

— How would you describe the design of your home?

— Modern minimalism. The house is very cozy. I have equipped a Studio and set up their musical instruments, hung collected over years of traveling and moving graphics and pictures. There was a feeling that I lived here always. I didn't ask the designer, this is a principled position. Only I know how it should be arranged space that I was comfortable to work in it. What it looks like from a design point of view, I don't care.

— You used to love a creative mess. Nothing has changed?

— A creative mess is my right, I feel so comfortable. It creates a certain comfort. The only place in my house where everything is in its place, the Studio. Although there is also a mess, but he's very organized. (Smiles.) Everything is so not thinking I could pull the hand and it has a guitar, or a guitar pick, or drum machine. I'm so used to the chaotic order, I don't even like to call someone to do the cleaning. Things neatly folded, I then mad rushing around and trying to figure out where is the memory card for the camera that was lying in his place on the couch among the mail points and a pair of headphones. (Laughs.)

— The house feels so big. How many rooms here?

— Actually three — that's the bedroom, music Studio and a huge living room combined with kitchen. The house looks great thanks to the terrace around it. And this is a panoramic window in the living room, which goes entirely down. When it is lowered, like you get on the street.

— Do you live here alone?

Now I don't have a permanent girl, so long as we live together with my best friend — dog Elvis-Melvisa.

Алексей Воробьев: «Мой дом — это место для уединения»

Knowing about the passion Vorobyov creativity Elvis Presley, friends gave him a huge amount of vinyl records king of rock-n-rollette: Natalia Pokachalov

— Throw parties at your house?

— I have neither the time nor the energy to party. Maybe when I have a family, everything will change, but right now my home is a place of solitude where I shoot only the closest people. The rest I can only afford the middle of the night.

— Tell us how you approach to the choice of furnishings?

— In the mood — can spontaneously buy something. Usually, this happens during travel. For example, in new York, I bought from a street artist drawings with black jazz musicians, and after a floor lamp made from an electric guitar. Everything else is by chance or donated by friends. But there are things that I will never trust buying someone else. It's something to do with my work, — the equipment for the Studio, lenses for cameras, musical instruments. Everything else I do, in General, not important. I also belong to the category of people who easily distribute not only old but also new things, if I see that they do not like, and understand that I can do without them.

— You have a lot of different musical instruments: guitar, piano, accordion, trumpet, drum set... what can you play?

— Professionally play the piano, the Russian accordion and the accordion. Music I studied for six years, graduated from music school first, then College, since childhood, has won Russian and international competitions of accordion players. And in recent years began to make their own music and to write music for movies, has mastered many other instruments. For example, the trumpet I learned to play recently. I was in New Orleans and was astonished by its incredible atmosphere. The streets of this city is just steeped in jazz, live music is everywhere. The level of professionalism of street musicians is amazing. This city has given me so much inspiration! Impressed by the incredible sound of brass instruments, which I myself have never played, I bought a brand-new pipe. When I landed in Los Angeles, in the car on the way home, started learning to play. Now this pipe is a full member of a large family of musical instruments in my house.

— On the wall in the living room there is a clock in the form of vinyl records. How did they get to you?

— This watch I received as a gift from friends, as most of my collection of vinyl, mostly from the records of my idol Elvis Presley.

— And you have a player for LPS?

— Of course. I love to sit in the chair by the window, watching the city at night and listen to classical music performed by the London Symphony orchestra. One of my favorite songs is Beethoven (the string Quartet, opus 18, Adagio).

— You have a collection of items related to Elvis Presley...

— Elvis like no other has influenced my musical upbringing and perception of music. Even my dog is named in honor of the king of rock-n-roll! Rock-n-roll is my religion, and under the influence of this music created my American album. Thanks to the friends I have gathered a collection of old Elvis records and the most unexpected of items related to his image. So, in my house were Christmas decorations depicting my idol.

In the living room you have a figurine "Oscar". This element of visualization? My dream is to get a coveted statuette?

All my ambitions are in the area of achievement. I clearly agree with the concept of "dreams" and "goals". My dream of a big happy family and many children, and "Oscars" and "Grammys" is my goal. I work to achieve them.

— You have a kitchen combined with living room. As far as is comfortable and functional?

To prepare I did not know how. Kitchen — almost an extra part of my bachelor lifestyle. I became fascinated with cooking eggs in the morning, and some time later was surprised to learn that you must break eggs on a hot griddle! (Laughs.) Cook out of me, to put it mildly, no! Very rarely I can chop a salad or make a sandwich — this is where my capabilities end. Of course, it would be nice in the evening to go home and cook yourself a normal dinner. But, unfortunately, the work schedule does not allow me to do cooking.

Алексей Воробьев: «Мой дом — это место для уединения»

"After two years in the coastal area of Santa Monica, I realized that it is not ready for a half-day to spend in traffic jams. now, instead of the ocean I have a patio with a Jacuzzi," says Vorobyevite: Natalia Pokachalov

— It's important for you to your future wife know how to cook?

— The person must enjoy what he is doing. So if the girl is only out of duty, then what's the point? With the same success it is possible to order food from the restaurant or dine at the cafe. Of course, any man wants to come home and see a beautifully set table, but it is not important. Very often in the beginning of a relationship people try to show themselves better than they are, but this is a dangerous path. I have cancelled the honeymoon period in their lives and a hundred percent sure that it is necessary to be present and not to change the rules during the game. So after the wedding to tell each other: "I'm Sorry, it was a demo, now you'll see reality." I love to cook, fine, but don't pretend that you like it.

— But you have a coffee machine. In the morning, making coffee?

— I had a period when I was suddenly captivated by the idea of Breakfast and good coffee at home. I even started to bring it to life! But in the end everything returned to normal — the coffee machine is idle, and we Elvis by tradition, each morning we leave the house and walk to the nearest cafe.

On the terrace hangs a painting of the "Crimi-ing to read." What she inspires you?

— I'm a fan of Tarantino. This painting reflects my love of cinema. I'm a cinephile, and the presence in the house of a projector and a white wall was decisive in the move, because the wall I use not only as shield but also as a background when you take it off myself.

— Jacuzzi on the terrace is a tribute to a beautiful life?

— In terms of the climate of California is a great idea. Jacuzzi replaces the absent in the house pool. And for swimming I go to the fitness club nearby. To keep fit is part of my profession. But simulators in the house I have — I prefer to go to the gym, and at home doing some standard exercises.

Алексей Воробьев: «Мой дом — это место для уединения»

Hanging chair design discovery. Sitting in it, the owner is considering scripts or writing missing verses to Pernambuco: Natalia Pokachalov

— A hanging chair to the ceiling of your discovery?

— No. The chair was here before me, it is an integral part of the interior. I sit in it, thinking up the script, or appending a missing verse to his new song.

— You have the terrace garden. You yourself take care of the plants?

— Green thumb from me worthless, and time is not enough. Empty terrace seemed sad, and I turned it into a mini garden, but then regretted it. I spent all the time in the Studio, did not have time to water it and the plants began to wither. To help me came civilization — advised friends to bring to every pot of plants sugar Electroprivod. Now my trees are saved — it is not terrible so long. I am very proud of my lemons and I'd love to drink tea with them!

— Candles — a tribute to the interior? Love the romantic atmosphere in the house?

— I am very romantic person. Dream, like everyone else, to be a night on the ocean with the woman he loved, not thinking about what will happen in the morning. But in real life I don't have time to arrange something superromantic the candles on the terrace is a kind of alternative to the night ashore. I'm a complete and incurable workaholic. Rest never and still have not learned. My romance is kitchen, night playlist with your favorite songs. I hug her, we kiss and we don't need to come up with topics of conversation. The most romantic date depend not only on what and where happened, and who I was there.


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