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Black tulle in the interior. What combination, in what rooms to hang?

Window decoration is the perfect way to set the right vector for the whole interior. About which rooms you can hang such curtains, we'll cover in the article.

If misused, it can make the room dark and to break the geometry of space. But when you consider a few factors: lighting, appointment of rooms, the overall decor, the preferences of the owner, the texture of the fabric, the result will be the right impression — a combination of style, comfort and convenience.

Features of the Gothic style in the interior

Gothic is the order, rigor, discipline. But, in contrast to the minimalist style involves grace, subtlety of detail and the obligatory presence of black. This color not only serves as the identification mark of style, but also mutes all the other shades. It absorbs light, visually compresses space. Therefore, in the design of the room black should be no more than 10% of the base colors.

Black tulle: for and against


adjusts the lighting in rooms with Windows located on the Sunny side;

helps to create conceptually designed interior.

Tulle fabric can be different. Stylish looks black.


visually reduces the room.

requires additional stylistic references in the rest of the interior;

is not suitable for all rooms in the house.

Where to hang a tulle?

Black tulle is suitable for living room, office or home Studio.

You cannot use this color in the kitchen, children's room or smaller spaces, for example, corridor or hallway. Even if you think that this is a good solution, then eventually you will realize that the light in those rooms became smaller, they visually "downgraded" and began to "put pressure" on tenants.

Looks good black tulle in public places, especially restaurants or cafes in the Gothic style.

With what mix?

The colour black is often defined as the zero-color, which has no paint. The interiors decorated in the Gothic style, is the game black with shades of gray, beige, purple, turquoise. You can also shade it with silver and gold, but this option is only suitable for spacious rooms, not overloaded with decor.

In small spaces the black color is best used in combination with light shades. If you want to hang this tulle in a small room, you can add additional lighting nearby.

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