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Barbara: "My home is a sanctuary" discussed with the artist her style of country living

Singer Barbara is a true expert on vacation in the suburbs. Her country house is not like those palaces which like to brag about the stars. But the pleasure that you get Barbara and her family from the almost wild nature, hardly familiar to the residents of upscale towns.

— I am a sporty person. Without exercise can't, without them I feel bad, told barbarian. — Stretching, treadmill, shaping — these are my burden. Winter is still skiing — we go for miles through the woods. Recently in my life there was Hatha yoga, which helps me feel good — both body and soul. By the way, is especially nice to do sport in a country house. I got your sportaholic, where there is a treadmill, and in front of me — an extraordinary view of the lake. And the dock is very nice yoga.

Варвара: «Мой дом — уголок спокойствия»

Country house Barbara is in the forest Photo: materials of press-services

— The house we have a fabulous, — says the singer. — He stands in the forest, on the shore of the lake. Next — one. Our nearest neighbours — animals. Who only did not come to us and who we met! And the Fox, the bear, and squirrels, and moose. Energy there is very good. This is our family a place of peace. The house itself is wooden, with a real fireplace, which I love to sit and read. My husband and I do thought out the interior and did all in Scandinavian style. Picked up furniture, looking for pictures, how to look like a fireplace, built everything... So how did everything yourself, and to be in the house this is even nicer. Set up for yourself a little farm to provide our family and you can buy products in stores. Today we have a cow, geese, ducks, chickens, goats. We are proud of our Apple orchard, which we planted five years ago.

Варвара: «Мой дом — уголок спокойствия»

Next to the house of Barbara a lake which in winter is transformed into catchpot: materials of press-services

— There is a lake which in winter is converted into our personal skating rink. Every year we get up on skates, but this year I wanted to improve skills in figure skating. I immediately explained to the coach that a skater wouldn't I be and what my goal is primarily to get rid of fear. Though he is small, but there is, says Varvara.


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