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Mitya Fomin: "This apartment is dreamed at night"

How the singer managed to turn their small home into a luxurious two-storey penthouse?

In the morning, Mitya Fomin walks with his dog, the American bulldog snow. Far from his apartment on Frunze embankment opened a coffee shop, where the singer comes during the walk. There we met, and Mitya told almost detective story about the agreement with Yuri Luzhkov, and how he managed to transform his small apartment in a luxurious duplex penthouse.

— Mitya, you bought the apartment sixteen years ago. As he came to her choice?

At the time I was a member of the group Hi-Fi. Although the fees were not so high, but the concert gave a lot, and I managed to accumulate a tidy sum. I found a realtor and outlined its requirements: "I have an important hotel, I need Park need a center and that the apartment was not small — in General, I need everything! And I have fifty thousand dollars." The realtor laughed and said nothing. I replied that I don't want to hear and it's time to start looking. We started looking, looked different options, but all of them does not suit me. I remember there was a very interesting apartment with a colonnade, with balcony, at the Kursk station. There are two beautiful homes Stalinist buildings that look at each other, as if mirroring each other. On the last floor of a huge shared balcony, in the Roman style. I was ready to buy this apartment, but the realtor said it could not afford to make the star lived at the station. And in this moment "popped up" option on Frunze embankment. Forty meters. Remember how I said, "Well, at least sixty! Where to live it?" But come. I saw from the window the garden... it was early spring, the street was green. And then the apartment I dreamed at night, and I decided to buy it. It was strange, the letter "Grisha", an unusual.

And as a forty-meter apartment turned into a two-storey penthouse?

Below me lived a long time janitor, with a large family, his apartment was municipal. These floors were built over the existing house and the roof of the old "ate" the rest of the window. Behind the wall of the Elevator shaft, until they changed it, it rattles like an old airship. You could hear every rustle, every gear. But the caretaker moved out, and I decided to buy his apartment. However, it was not easy, according to the law she had to move to the waiting couples. For three years I corresponded with the housing Fund of Moscow, prefects, wrote a letter even to the then mayor, Yuri Luzhkov. The amazing thing is that he told me! "We can consider sharing this living space to another suitable for life". Then I was puzzled by the design of the legal person, as by that time the city has already banned exchange with individuals. Had to get one to me a faith and truth serves to this day. I was asked to buy a one bedroom apartment larger area in another district of Moscow. And after another six months I was told that we can make an exchange and pay in cash the city a significant difference. I was thrilled, after all, fulfilled a dream that I was three years old!

Митя Фомин: «Эта квартира приснилась мне ночью»

In the house Fomina always live animals. Now he calls a full-fledged mistress of a bulldog, Belosnezhku: Paul Kasaev

— And then you began to combine apartments...

— Yes, I went to the Design Institute of Moscow, claiming the redevelopment. It's Stalin-era building, Frunze embankment... there were these catacombs. Narrow corridor through which you enter into the kitchen and through the kitchen into the small bedroom without a window. It looked like the news on NTV when they show a crime committed somewhere on the outskirts of Magadan. Everything was in such aesthetics.

— And to whom you entrusted the interior design?

— Engaged in design, an architectural firm, which is headed by Lela Kavtaradze. It's the girl with arts education and good taste. Initially I wanted the interior was simpler, more austere, practical, because there are guests, live dogs, cats. But now, after several years, I realize that Lela was right when he insisted on some color combinations, technical solutions.

— What you did not agree?

— Well, for example, in the Cabinet the wall color pale pistachio. I wanted to he was absolutely white. Lela insisted that the walls should be different, to distract from the white papers, documents. In choosing a color scheme she focused on the picture I was given by the father, and to him she, in turn, was passed down from my great-uncle, people's artist of Russia, actor Boris Khmelnitsky. The painting hangs in the office, it depicts a place where the father lived for some time, the Amur river, Blagoveshchensk, on the other side — the Chinese Harbin.

Митя Фомин: «Эта квартира приснилась мне ночью»

Mitya many awards from TV stations RU.TV, MUZ TV, MUSICBOX, "Russian radio" and other stations. But he believes that the main – fireditto: Paul Kasaev

In the house there are other family heirlooms?

— Yes, the bronze writing set, he stands on the Desk in the office. I love him very much. He came to me in Novosibirsk, inherited from his grandfather, Pavel Pavlovich Shevtsov. My grandfather fought at the front, worked in a factory. This luxury writing set — the memory of it.

— What creative person your office? The artists are usually doing home Studio...

Studio I can't afford in a house. I'm listen to loud music — sometimes into the night. The neighbors don't like it, so we did the soundproofing. The Cabinet held all my meetings, negotiations, work with documents, songs, when I get them. The atmosphere: quiet, beautiful view, everything has to work.

— In your office table made of red oak?

I don't even know. Lela said, "Sale table, we have to go and buy it".

— So it was with all the furniture in the house?

Yes. I completely relied on the artistic taste of the designer. Now I have a vacation home that makes the architect Andrey Karpov, he is also the host of "New life" on STS.

Митя Фомин: «Эта квартира приснилась мне ночью»

A forty-meter apartment is now through the efforts of the owner turned into a luxury penthouse: Paul Kasaev

In the study presented your collection of thimbles. What started this passion for collecting?

— It started a long time ago, I was twenty-one. I just went to America and ended up in a small town in Alabama. In one of the shops I saw a thimble, he liked me, and I bought it. And then decided from each city to bring thimbles as a souvenir.

Everywhere shelves of books, their own home library. Do you like to read?

— Mostly books from the apartment in Novosibirsk. Mom periodically sends them to me. Give something people who write. But, unfortunately, often their works impossible to read. I prefer the classics. Russian is a beautiful language, timeless stories. Now, however, do not read. Started by Norwegian writer Jo nesbø, whose few literary awards, but quickly lost interest. Then took up "Doctor Zhivago" Pasternak, but apparently was not in the mood, was postponed. Started "PP for TP" is now popular book about a healthy lifestyle is boring. So I am in search of books.

— Why did you decide to make a bedroom Zen?

— Well, it's not the boudoir of the Empress. (Smiles.) Here is everything you need in the bedroom: came, fell, took the book, drank water, looked out the window. Over the bed cross — the gift of the godfather, don Ubaldo Orlandelli, who came to Novosibirsk with the Catholic mission and baptized me.

— In the kitchen and in the hallway, I noticed pictures of Lady Gaga...

I like Lady Gaga. In the corridor there is still a black-and-white photograph of the Beatles, it's just a beautiful picture of the cult group. I admire them as pioneers of pop and rock music, but their records rarely listen to.

Митя Фомин: «Эта квартира приснилась мне ночью»

The office is one of the favorite places of the owner. Here hangs a picture, inherited from otzarot: Paul Kasaev

— In one interview you said that the main inhabitants of your house is Pets...

I can't imagine my life without dogs, they were with me always. In this apartment full mistress — my American bulldog is Snow white. It may seem a battle, but all who know her, know calmer melancholiae and indifferent dogs not to find, she is a real Buddhist and no unnecessary movements to do not ready. I have lives a cat of breed British fold, nicknamed Barmaley. With a dog they get along great, sometimes he loves her to tease, although, given its nature, it is not so easy.

— You often come to visit. Say, you give friends the keys to the apartment?

— Yes, if you need a place to stay or they come to Moscow from other cities. It's quite a in order. All my close friends say that they can come to my cottage in Italy.

— The feeling of hospitality you laid since childhood?

— My childhood was necessary on Soviet times, then to distance himself from people, from neighbors to be wrong. I always have warm memories of our apartment in Novosibirsk. We have a beautiful happy family: my mother Tamara, who always remained for me a symbol of femininity, the Pope Anatoly Danilovich — the soul of any company, big sister Svetlana — classical violin musician, now living in Italy and playing in European orchestras. The most vivid memories of childhood is our Sunday, when on national television show "Sunday mail", and the mom making pancakes. Now the house is a story more private, private. The house as fortress, and you invited only those people who really want to see.


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