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How to extend the life of your jewelry

WomanHit revealed the secrets of caring for gold and diamonds

At least one simple gold ring each. Because, as you know, gold and diamonds are a girls best friend. And so they longer retain their attractive appearance, they need care and concern.

Came home from work, took off and threw on a dressing table? No, not so. Decoration should be wiped with a soft cloth: flannel, microfiber, thin suede, and it is better to buy in a jewelry store wipes with the special impregnation.

After that, they need to neatly put in boxes, each jewelry must be your "house" to rings and earrings do not scratch each other.

Как продлить жизнь своим украшениям

Each product should have its own "house"

Sometimes "things" need to make a "bath day". Warm water with a solution of baby soap is a versatile tool. In addition, we will use an old, soft toothbrush to clean out dirt in hard to reach places. Some of the stones better "game", if they are wiped with ammonia.

Как продлить жизнь своим украшениям

Store your jewellery бережно

But what I love almost all jewelry, so it household chemicals — you should not wash the dishes and the floors in rings. And salt water before going to sea put expensive jewelry in a safe Deposit box and bring your jewelry.

Oddly enough, not like rocks and bright sunlight, so they can change its color. Perfume and other cosmetics can cause stains. And the heat will destroy the glue if it was used for making jewelry.

Как продлить жизнь своим украшениям

Then you will be able to leave heirlooms in наследство


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