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Top 3 strollers 2017

Almost all young parents think nothing is more difficult than a choice of strollers for a newborn.

With the selection of the first vehicle for the youngest member of the family like no sleepless nights after discharge from the hospital or caring for a baby. Those who need to buy a stroller for the baby can be guided only by the recommendations of their predecessors — the same parents as themselves. We offer our readers the top 3 best consumer reports baby strollers.

First place: Anex Sport

Stroller Sport Anex domestic parents choose for excellent maneuverability. And, not unimportant, affordable. Today, it is difficult to find a quality stroller at quite a reasonable price. However, the Polish-Swiss firm Anex lately pleases mom and dad, allowing them to roll their kids in a truly agile products of the highest quality.

Second place: MIMA XARI

If parents want to buy for your crumbs something different and eye-catching, they will either MIMA XARI. Plus wheelchairs-transformers from this company that winter the unit turns into a pleasure is very simple: it is enough just to open the zipper and remove the upper part of the product. The company MIMA XARI is amazing and very often produces a variety of accessories for wheelchairs that is designed to increase in the period of walking the comfort of the baby, but his parents — moms in particular.

Third place: Cosatto Woop

British manufacturer Cosatto have released this year's lineup of strollers Cosatto called Woop. They feature bright, eye-catching design and its versatility. Typically, these products become the choice of those who appreciate modern classics and the highest quality product.

In General, it is safe to say that over the last couple of years on the market of children's goods has appeared a lot of interesting proposals. Someone chooses a cheaper stroller, and someone is willing to pay well for quality luxury and "super luxury".

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