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How to bring the house clean without expensive cleaners

Shaving foam and cinnamon powder will help to refresh the apartment: 12 lifehacks for Housewives

With the arrival of spring I want to clean up not only his body but also his home. However, to run to the store for powders and gels for cleaning is not necessary. Refresh the apartment in the condition and the means at hand. WomanHit collected 12 life hacks that will come in handy every hostess.

1. Sprinkle 2-3 teaspoons of cinnamon powder on the floor or carpet and vacuum after. So the house forms a delicate and pleasant aroma.

2. Sticky roller for cleaning clothes is very useful to collect dust and hairs from the fabric lamp shades floor lamps and table lamps.

3. To wash mirrors and glass cabinets surface you can use foam for shaving.

4. Olive oil would be excellent for stains, spots and fingerprints on utensils and other stainless steel surfaces: you just need to drop the oil on a clean rag and wipe.

5. Rubber gloves will help collect pet hair from upholstery: you just need to run gloved hands over the surface of the sofas and chairs.

6. If you can not take the mattress to fresh air for ventilation, you can refresh it using baking soda. You should sprinkle the baking soda over the entire surface of the mattress and leave for at least an hour, better — eight hours, and then vacuum.

7. Soda is also very useful for getting rid of oven soot. Dissolve soda in water, spray the walls of the oven and scrub with sponge.

8. Disinfect sponges for washing dishes, in the microwave. The sponge should be well moistened and put in the oven for at least a minute: thus annihilated all the bacteria contained in the sponge.

9. With vinegar, applied on a dry rag, you can wipe to a Shine all the taps and remove lime scale.

10. Tablets for the dishwasher will be useful for a washing machine. One tablet should be put in the empty drum and turn the wash cycle on 60 degrees. This will help to kill any bacteria living in the hidden parts of the drum, and to prevent the scum.

11. Dissolved in water with detergent containing no bleach, well cleaned street outdoor surfaces such as wooden or tile stairs leading up to the house.

12. To clean baby plastic toys without much labor in the dishwasher on low temperature program. Do not forget to remove the toys batteries.


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