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Now you can keep cut flowers longer

The heat, the sun warms, want to see nature blossomed quickly: the leaves of the buttercups. So it is necessary to accelerate the arrival of spring. And in the flower shops around abundance: irises, tulips, daffodils, hyacinths. It seems that along with them comes to the house a new time.

Faster would. There is not too important, you bought fragrant hyacinths grandma at metro, got a Mimosa in addition to the tomatoes in Caucasians in the market or loved one has brought a beautiful bouquet of roses, importantly, it's a miracle I lived as long as possible. раскрыл тайны продавцов цветочных магазинов

Learn дарить

But, alas, their death soon. On the other hand, we see as in a nearby flower shop, the bouquets are, and do not wither! Flower corpses are not lying on a nearby dumpster. How so? revealed the secrets of the florists. раскрыл тайны продавцов цветочных магазинов

... and make цветы

Maybe this is you: "what I snow that I heat me what the rain pouring down," and the bouquets temperature changes are very harmful. Therefore, if the balcony is glazed, send him there in the beginning to adapt, in the summer, with the heat not get the flowers via air conditioning.

After an hour put them in a room where they will stand, but do not expand. Give them the opportunity to settle into it to temperature. раскрыл тайны продавцов цветочных магазинов

Do not put them directly into воду

Expanding the bouquet, remove all damaged leaves, as well as those that will be in the water — they can quickly rot. раскрыл тайны продавцов цветочных магазинов

In vase plants should be сводобно

Carefully cut off the tips of the stems. Just do it in any case, not scissors, and a sharp knife. The cut is made at an angle of about 45 degrees through the edge of the flower can absorb more water. раскрыл тайны продавцов цветочных магазинов

Trim стебли

Do not place the vase in the sun or near the battery. Remember shop assistants in jackets that work in a flower shop? This is because the optimum temperature for cut flowers 18 degrees. And a place to put them, it is better to choose light, but in partial shade. To sleep you can leave them at a lower temperature, but not in the draft! раскрыл тайны продавцов цветочных магазинов

Find a place where the bouquet will be комфортно

But the water that I put the flowers should be warm 25-27 degrees, but preferably without bleach: snow, spring, even boiled.

And finally, probably the secret shared by the florists: don't forget along with a bouquet to buy their fertilizer for cut flowers. It is due to special additives in stores flowers live better and longer. раскрыл тайны продавцов цветочных магазинов

Follow our tips, then the flowers will stay долго


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