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Renata Piotrowski: "I love the big space and high ceilings"

The actress showed my apartment in the center of Moscow

Kamergersky lane is the heart of Moscow where you can still feel the spirit of the old town. His name appeared in XVIII century and due to the fact that among the local homeowners had some of chamberlains of the Imperial court. Later, there lived many famous people: writers, poets, artists, musicians. The actress Renata Piotrowski was lucky enough to buy an apartment in the house, where there was once one of the most famous hotels in Moscow — "Chevalier". Stayed here Tolstoy, Nekrasov, Ostrovsky. Renata invited to visit and talked about why is so fond of his house.

Renata, when you first walked into the apartment — what were your feelings? Why want to live here?

Ten years ago, everything was arranged differently: the more rooms, the interiors in other colours. But I immediately felt a positive atmosphere. This is important — how comfortable you are to be in the room. I was literally enveloped in a wave of soft, kind energy. (Smiles.) And it was a big luck, because I was looking for an apartment in this area, in the center of Moscow, near the Kremlin. Given his profession and the specifics of life in the city, I want to minimize all movements, do not stand in traffic jams and to save time.

And the theatres near...

— Yes, I graduated from the School-Studio of MKHAT, so the apartment is near the place of study he became a perfect acquisition.

Рената Пиотровски: «Я люблю большие пространства и высокие потолки»

The kitchen is combined with living room is part of interelate: Sergey Kozlovsky

— Do you know something about the history of this house?

— To be honest, not particularly interested. But the place is historical, all the houses are old, belong to the past and the nineteenth century. The previous owner had not raised the wall, and we did — and found Newspapers of the pre-revolutionary period. Previously, there was a communal, and in time of war, it seems, was located a military hospital.

— That is, instilling you engaged in a global restructuring of an apartment?

— Not immediately. It took probably five years before I decided on this. Didn't have time and circumstances were not conducive to some serious repair. It was a very long time, two years. But I think the result has justified itself. I love the big space, high ceilings, I need air. I decided: let it be light and airy in smaller rooms. Maybe in a past life I was a Queen that lived in the castle — hence the love of spaciousness. (Smiles.)

Рената Пиотровски: «Я люблю большие пространства и высокие потолки»

Area hallway marked with a large mirror on Stretto: Sergey Kozlovsky

— Stucco ceilings — apparently a tribute to that era...

Well, there is still the center of cultural life, the capital — as without classical elements?

— Apparently, this designer apartment?

— Yes, my mother is a professional designer, it all worked. And I trust her taste. So what we have here — from the major decorative elements and finishing spoons-forks — its merit.

Contrast combination of white with black for you nice?

— You are confused my black bathroom? (Laughs.) As our life: black and white stripes. And it's my favorite color. I really like my bathroom, the only the black spots remain, and you have to watch that. I'm a terrible pedant, I have everything should be in perfect order. I can't sleep if a towel is not folded. (Smiles.)

Рената Пиотровски: «Я люблю большие пространства и высокие потолки»

Former Guesthouse turned into a room "little Princess"Photo: Sergey Kozlovsky

— This is your first apartment or was still in Estonia?

— No, in Estonia I lived with my parents. I left when I was fifteen years old. Now the room in which I spent my childhood, has become a nursery for my daughter Michelle when she is staying with grandma and grandpa. And I stay there with her.

— Some things moved here from Estonia?

Lot: carpets, chandelier, dishes... there was a whole Saga: how we transported them by train, by car. In Moscow all is very expensive.

— I noticed you have a very interesting table in the living room...

— Yes, this is the so-called Chinese table with paintings. By the way, I bought in Moscow. Like the bed in the bedroom, I specifically looked for a low.

— And you clinging to things?

— I like everything new. Every six months I spend audit in closets and much is discarded. After all, there are some outfits that are not worn for a long time or even never worn. On the one hand, to give them a pity, but understand that these things have no place in your life. Get rid of them — and immediately easier to breathe.

Рената Пиотровски: «Я люблю большие пространства и высокие потолки»

Colorful books and picture frames enliven the monochrome designphoto: Sergey Kozlovsky

Three years ago your daughter was born. Perhaps, in this regard, in the apartment, too, has something changed? Appeared children?

— Yes, previously, there was a guest, and now bright pink room little Princess. (Smiles.) From the former situation was only the chandelier. Daughter loves to build different castles and houses for the characters from various cartoons. But, as you probably noticed in our bedroom with my husband stands and a cot. Daughter three and a half years, while she sleeps in the same room with us.

— A husband brought something to the situation?

— Yes, a cat and an aquarium. (Laughs.) And a bunch of tools. He's an architect and loves to collect all sorts of houses, to build ships — engaged in a hobby from the heart.

Рената Пиотровски: «Я люблю большие пространства и высокие потолки»

Luxurious "Royal bed" Renata purchased in Mosquitto: Sergey Kozlovsky

— Is there a house some things with the story?

I collect bells, bring them from different countries. Creative people are quite superstitious. Say if like a bell, posenichi them, then you'll succeed in business: audition will be held successfully, get a good role. (Smiles.) Of the memorable things — my portrait, which hangs in the bedroom. It is a mosaic created from my small photos. It made my friend who no longer lives in Russia. And on the wall in the dining room — the portrait of my mother painted by my grandfather. He hangs there for a few years. We're not shooting.

— How you adhere to the style the apartment? If you like some thing, but she doesn't fit in style — buy it?

For me it is important that any object introduced into the house, evoked positive emotions. Love the little figurines, jewelry boxes: they are cozy. I have a Swan couple, the frog, which brings happiness, the tree of life... I'm Very partial to vases. And if I can't find suitable for interior, I buy what I like. If you noticed, I have a glass vase with coins for luck. I love to cook and have lots of different appliances, blenders, mixers, knives, towels, gloves. The kitchen in the apartment is a small place. It is combined with the audience and is perceived as an element of the interior. And here on this site I manage to create culinary masterpieces. (Laughs.). Latest craze in our family is Asian cuisine. My husband loves dishes with curry sauce.

Рената Пиотровски: «Я люблю большие пространства и высокие потолки»

But the crystal chandelier had to be taken from Antonietta: Sergey Kozlovsky

— How do you have enough time to cook?

— When I got married, had a baby, I made it a priority family — like any normal woman. Of course, sometimes you want to go out — tired of the domestics. But I'm trying to combine: up and running, and shooting, and household chores, and activities with my daughter. I have a diary where I write down the plan for the day. I love to be at home, it calms me down. I like that I have a cozy, clean and nice.

The fish also appeared as a relaxant?

— Probably my wife watching fish calms. And I can think about is feeding them or not, why are they sluggish — is something wrong? Why darkened glass in the aquarium? And follow the cat that got the inhabitants of the aquarium too close. (Laughs.) The whole house is on me. But if I didn't like this life, I would something changed.

— I think, in this house needed flowers.

— And they are. However, a little frayed cat. The living room has a wonderful palm tree in a Golden pot. In the winter we have blooming orchids, but I hide them from her on the window sill. Not all of the things that I would like to bring into the house, I can afford due to the fact that there is a small child and an animal. My daughter is very active, inquisitive, it is interesting to. And a cat too. Now everything in the house works according to their needs, valuables tucked away in the top drawers. And what is at the bottom, you can see and touch.

Рената Пиотровски: «Я люблю большие пространства и высокие потолки»

Bathroom, done in black and white, the pride of hotelkette: Sergey Kozlovsky

Do you have a favorite place in the house?

— I love the night is my time. When the house is quiet, everyone is asleep, and I quietly watch movies. Sit in the hall on the couch, taking a box of chocolates, no one bothers me. — so I rest.

Profession affects your lifestyle?

No, I clearly agree with it. I am absolutely down to earth, not staying in character in real life. I think this should not be confused. Reside in the house, I can't either: I should be implemented in the work, I have certain ambitions. And I am very grateful to her husband that he is not jealous of the profession, one of my night shots and helps with the baby. But Sunday for me is family day, which I spend with your loved ones.


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