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Perfume requires proper storage

Good conditions able for several years to extend the life of the spirits of loved ones

First, let's understand what a perfume can be considered good. First and foremost, the color of the liquid in the vial should be transparent, without suspended matter and sediment. Secondly, about the safety of the product evidenced by the unchanged flavor. There should be no rancid, or, conversely, a poor smell, has lost half notes.

To remain in this state, the perfume is bound at least until the end of shelf life, i.e. 3-5 years. But toilet water is absolutely not obliged to lose their properties immediately after this period. She can stay safe and pleasant to use and for decades. This contributes to the high alcohol content of the composition, which acts as a preservative.

But to rely on alcohol more lightly. Guaranteed to save the most valuable specimens of the perfume, you need to provide them with good storage. You need to remove them from the dressing-table, and other outdoor surfaces, as well as of the bathrooms. Light and moisture are damaging to perfume, so it is best to choose as their "residence" a dark, cool and dry place.


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