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How to clean silver: most effective techniques and important tricks tells how to properly care for Cutlery of precious metal

Silver Cutlery always liked people. They testified to the wealth and good taste of their owners. Silverware and now does not lose its position, remaining that we can proudly use it during holiday dinners and leave a legacy for our children. But below the age of forks and spoons was long, for them to properly care, including competent to carry out the cleaning.

In addition to the beautiful appearance and intrinsic value, silver has another important property. It disinfects something that interacts. It is believed that the use of silver Cutlery may reduce the frequency of ailments in the family, including intestinal in nature. However, there is a silver the disadvantage that it regularly needs to be cleaned from dark plaque.

Important to know: the Darkening does not affect the integrity of the silverware. Unlike rust, which penetrates the metal a dark patina remains on the surface, and is only a decorative problem.

Why silver will darken?

Blame the hydrogen sulfide formed during the contact of silver jewelry with the environment. For example, a colour change of the lead:
• Wet air;
• Touch (due to sweat, sebum, residues of cosmetic products, etc.);
• Use of detergents for washing dishes;
• Interaction with food.

Как почистить серебро: самые эффективные приемы и важные хитрости

Over time, any silverware darker, so periodically it is necessary, citythat:

That is, the blackening of the silver process is almost inevitable. Don't duck unless the silver stored in the Museum at carefully selected values of temperature and humidity.

Important to know: these same mechanisms lead to the darkening of silver jewelry. Therefore, cleaning can be carried out according to the recommendations from this article.

Is it possible to bring back the Shine blackened silver?

Yes, keeping Cutlery from solid metal in a decent shape under the force of each owner. This will require knowledge, patience and time.

It is important to know: cleaning silver should become a regular event. The less pronounced dark patina, the easier it is to clean.

All methods of cleaning silver can be divided into two types:

  • Professional;
  • Home.

First used in the jewelry shops, and the second suitable for independent use. Let us dwell on each group.

How to clean silver professionals?

In the Arsenal jewelers is an effective means of purification, is not available simple townsfolk.

Among them:

— Ultrasound procedure that destroys the mud and the dark film on the surface of products;

— Steam treatment, which allows to separate the metal from the all the extra.

— Polishing cloths. Wipes used jewelers different from those that can buy himself a layman. Impregnating their solution more powerful.

Important to know: professional cleaning methods are not only the most effective but also the most gentle. Cleaning silver jewelry with precious stones and engraving, it is preferable to entrust it to the goldsmiths.

Как почистить серебро: самые эффективные приемы и важные хитрости

There are several ways to clean silverware at home. For example, lemon kilotavua:

How to clean silver at home?

The easiest way to bring back the Shine of devices from silver is to use a special detergent for products from this kind of metal. It can be in the form of liquid for soaking or cleaning paste. These should be used in accordance with the instructions printed on the package.

In addition, Housewives for more than five centuries of the use of silverware have been able to come up with a lot of options of bringing the silver in the proper form. They do not require expensive ingredients and are available to most people.

So, here are the most popular home remedies for cleaning silverware:

— Soda.

Mix soda with water to the consistency of thick slurry. Apply it on a soft cloth, and then RUB the spoons, forks and knives.


Prepare a saline solution by taking 25 grams of salt and 10 grams of potassium salt of tartaric acid (cream of Tartar) and a pint of hot water. Put in liquid Cutlery for up to 20 minutes.

— Citric acid.

Take 100 grams of citric acid and half a liter of water, mix, add a piece of copper wire and bring to the boil on a water bath. Then put the saucepan in silver and hold it there for 15 minutes.

— Ammonia.

In the case of a slight darkening enough to wipe Cutlery with a cotton pad soaked with ammonia.

In more advanced situations will help blend five teaspoons of water, two teaspoons of ammonia and one toothpaste. This composition will need to RUB the silver and leave for 15 minutes.

— Vinegar

Wipe with a cloth moistened with vinegar, enough to remove a thin coating.

Important: after any type of cleaning, whether it's a factory tool or a home brew, the instruments should be rinsed in warm water and wipe dry. If necessary, you can complete the cleaning of silver by polishing with special cloth.

Как почистить серебро: самые эффективные приемы и важные хитрости

Soda will also help to bring back the silverware original bigfoto:

As it is impossible to clean the silver?

In any case, you cannot use silver Polish abrasive tools intended for cleaning sinks, stoves, utensils, and a stiff brush. They may scratch the metal, causing him to permanently lose their luster. In addition, the recesses will get stuck in the mud, and further cleaning becomes even more difficult.

Important to know: Cutlery made of silver can not be washed in dishwashers. This may cause them irreparable harm.

How to store silver?

Slow darkening can, keeping Cutlery strictly in closed boxes. If it is a separator between spoons, forks and knives should be made of rubber it will lead to the opposite effect.

Hopefully, thanks to our recommendations, your family silver will remain in perfect condition as long as possible.


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