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Alena Chekhov, "the house must always burn the fire"

The young actress showed your country mansion

The young actress Alyona Chekhova to sit on the ground do not like. And gladly expands the horizons: both spatial and professional. At the time, she famously traded a law career for acting. And now lives in the two countries, starred in Hollywood and in Russia. It is known for such films as "In sport only girls", "He's a dragon," the TV series "Deffchonki". With quite a busy schedule the girl appreciates quiet moments of relaxation. For this purpose, perfectly located vacation home that is located in a very picturesque place not far from Zelenograd.

— A resident of the metropolis does not dream of a country house. Alain, you own bought or built?

— This is our family home. Its history began in 2003, when a lucky chance brought a lot of timber intended for sale. But complications arose, and we decided to build from these materials home. My uncle — the man Golden hands, he took the project. So now we have this wonderful place of rest, where comes the whole family. Including my brother and nephew Dima, who is eight years old. I love this house, including because like equestrian Polo, and nearby, in tseleevo, is an equestrian base. For me a nice communion with nature. In the midst of such a busy, active pace of life it is important to find time for it.

Алена Чехова: «В доме всегда должен гореть огонь»

The house is located in a picturesque place under Selenographia: Sergey Kozlovsky

— You took part in creating the interior?

— Many of his trips around the world, including Paris and Budapest, I brought tapestry pillows. There is and tapestry suitcase, which also came with me from the trip. I collect dolls in national dress. I think such things are cozy, decorated the house. When it was built, I was still a teenager, so basically everything here is decorated in the taste of your elderly relatives.

— But you are close to this style?

— Yes, I feel very comfortable here and cozy. Plus this house is that it is made from natural materials, wood. Here, even the breathing is different. For me it's the smell of the village: the crackling wood in the fireplace, melted bath. In my childhood, when my grandmother soap, all the while saying: "water off a duck, Alena thinness". And I shouted: "Oh, grandmother, no! Don't!". I so wanted to be slim and slender. (Laughs.)

Even the furniture is all wood. It was probably done on the order?

Yes. It is handmade. We have friends that produce wooden furniture. There was such idea: to make everything as close as possible to nature. I really like that there is a large window, and when outside the sun, the house is filled with light.

Алена Чехова: «В доме всегда должен гореть огонь»

It is nice to gather the family and make a barbecue on prirodata: Sergey Kozlovsky

— There is also the luxury of a real fireplace.

— When the house was built, was not even a question — to be the fireplace or not. It is an integral part of home interior that warms you with its warmth the whole family. There is a belief that the house must always burn the fire. Fire is the hearth, and the woman is the homemaker. And I love looking at the fire, light the candles. Believe in the energy flow, Feng Shui. (Laughs.) In General, to gather a winter evening by the fireplace very nice. As you can see, we have a large supply of logs.

— What is your favorite place in the house what?

— I love to sit in this rocking chair. It is, of course, is the "Babushkinskaya". But remember that as a child I was very jealous of my grandmother. It's just that these mini-swings! I loved to climb into this chair and sway back and forth. And now I like the movement. This chair is a survivor. It's been there a very long time, like the sofa. Everyone wants to change it, but never gather the courage, because it is very affectionate to the things. Dining table also appeared almost immediately. I like that it is circular — it has to communicate.

— When people come here what are you doing?

— Read books, sometimes scenarios. Weekend ride on the horses. Relax. Try to spend time with no fuss.

Алена Чехова: «В доме всегда должен гореть огонь»

All furniture is made from natural materials, sakashita: Sergey Kozlovsky

— You are a person who lives in two countries. Do not feel sometimes a sense of panic that, while you're here, can do the interesting job offers in Hollywood?

— I try to adhere to the principle that my not getting away from me. So there is no panic, but when I spend a lot of time away from Los Angeles, bored. At his apartment, on his chair on the balcony, where I look at the Park and watching the squirrels that jump from tree to tree. I'm three months in Russia I was busy here in the movie "to say Goodbye will not." It's a military drama, my partner was Andrey Merzlikin. A very important project for me, love. For this job I had to give up other tempting offers. For example, I adopted a role in the film "Mystery of the iron mask: a journey to China" — the sequel to "the Wii", but the shooting took place in China and coincided with the filming here, so I had to choose. Well, the producers of the American movie Dead trigger, which I also removed, were sympathetic to my situation and agreed to wait.

— Actor the usual nomadic life. How would you define: where is your house?

Is a very difficult question for me. A year and a half ago I decided to move to Los Angeles, to abandon life here. I do not take a job in Russia, rejected many of the projects that I was offered. I think that my Russian agent was ready to give up on me... But as it turned out, the relationship with the homeland is not so easy to break. I guess my home is where my native people where we are able to all get together.

Алена Чехова: «В доме всегда должен гореть огонь»

The hosts are very affectionate to the things: and the couch and rocking chair are already a lot of levoto: Sergey Kozlovsky

— You can easily adapt to a new place? You're a native of Samara. As it turned out in Moscow?

— My parents met in Samara, both graduated from the local aviation Institute. There I was born and went to school in Ulyanovsk. But for me, this city seemed very small. I wanted to escape from there. Arrived in Moscow at MGU, graduated from the Department of civil law. And became the youngest lawyer in the country. I loved public speaking in court, but the paperwork seemed boring. (Smiles.) So I made the choice in favour of the acting profession. Was educated at the Shchukin theatre Institute, also completed acting courses in Los Angeles. I am Gemini according to horoscope. My element air. And when I feel that I pulled the plug, me tears. I'm always looking for something new, want to develop. Perhaps, then, a close as Ulyanovsk, I thought Moscow.

— By the way, Chekhov is your stage name?

— No. My dad, who unfortunately is no longer alive, the name was Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. Remember, even if it was some article about it in the newspaper under the title "Anton Pavlovich can not stand "the Cherry orchard". So that is my real name. Probably when I get married, it will have to change to the husband not to offend. (Laughs.)

Алена Чехова: «В доме всегда должен гореть огонь»

In the cold winter nights warms caminetto: Sergey Kozlovsky

— By the way, interesting question. Where you are create a family in Russia or in America?

— It is difficult to answer now. If fate will favor me and get to live in two countries — I'll be happy. Because as much as I love America, my heart is still Russian.

— And what do you Russianness associated with?

— I had such a picture: a man with a fervent cry rolls down hill on a sled. Perhaps this: we have a lot of courage, some kind of desperate daring, and excitement. Foreigners coming to Russia, say some of our closeness to outsiders. We are not in a hurry with a smile to say "Hello" in America. But recently there was a case which made a huge impression on me. Nevertheless, what the helpful people here! I found the dog: she shook, trembled and could not get up from hunger. Her swollen nipples could see that she was feeding puppies. I ran into the house, brought a blanket, covered her. Around people began to gather. Someone offered to call an ambulance, someone brought food. I even offered money. And there were many. While we were waiting for that ambulance, I had four thousand. And I asked nothing. Fortunately, with the dog all is well, after the vets we took her to the shelter.

Алена Чехова: «В доме всегда должен гореть огонь»

"There is a belief that the house must always burn the fire. Fire is the hearth, and the woman is the homemaker"Photo: Sergey Kozlovsky

— Alena, you are a sociable person? Know the neighbors?

— I here not so often, but yeah, communicative. Although remember that as a child I was embarrassed. And in grade school for me was a challenge to meet the Board, but all the written work I carried out on "excellent". Apparently, the teacher realized what was the matter. Came up to me and said, "Alena, you have such a beautiful voice, just like in the cartoon. I want to hear it every day." After that, I began to pull the hand through all the lessons. (Laughs.)

— I see you have the samovar, and not one. They are used or serve as part of the interior?

As part of the interior. Rarely do we put the samovar, when you really want the Russian tea. By the way, today we will drink tea and try pancakes with red caviar, which I baked myself.


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