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Eliminate unpleasant odor in the kitchen

Put a cotton ball in the trash and see what happens

Sometimes you do not have time to ensure that debris is not accumulating in the waste bucket. You come late from work or the window is bad weather... in short, there are many reasons not to make a crowded pack. Usually there is plenty of food waste, which very quickly spoil and smell bad. But there is a little trick that will help to overcome this problem.

Some hostesses toss in the trash soda, but it was too hot to get wet from moisture and ceases to operate. Is there a way poeffektivnee. In the container under a garbage bag, place a cotton ball with essential oil. It will be a long time to eliminate any unpleasant odors.

Ideally suited for these purposes lemon oil. It is often used in aromatherapy and works as a tonic. Therefore, in addition to the pleasant atmosphere, it will provide you a good mood in the morning.

Grapefruit oil or tea tree oil great fight with dangerous bacteria.

Peppermint oil will not be allowed in your house of mice and cockroaches. Animals have a sensitive sense of smell, for which this oil acts scalding.

These balls can be kept in the basket for dirty Laundry in closets or cabinets to have in your house was only the most pleasant aromas.


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