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5 reasons to start a home cactus

Prickly friend will decorate your home and protects from negative energy

The modern market presents hundreds of varieties of potted plants, and each of them has its own function. Ficus and dracaena clean the air and saturate it with oxygen, orchids delight the eye and lift the spirits one of its kind. Cacti are included in the twenty most popular plants for home and well deserved.

Simplicity. Cacti grow in arid areas and do not require special care. But, as for other plants, they need moisture and sunlight. Place the pot with the cactus on the windowsill on the Sunny side. Water as drying of the soil, reducing watering in the cold. Sometimes spray it from a spray plant likes moist air. Once a year, replant the cactus in fresh soil.

Protection from negative energy. During the quarrels or troubles cactus takes on the negative. It eliminates the whole "dark energy" and in the room creates a positive atmosphere.

Protection from the negative influence of technology. You can sometimes hear the recommendation to put a pot of cactus on your desktop. So, this is the case, when you heed the advice. The cactus absorbs electromagnetic radiation and prevents ionization of the air in the room.

The interior decoration. By itself, the cactus green and prickly, but sometimes it blooms. And although the flowering period is short, its beauty it outshines all the plants around. Cacti can be planted several in one pot and combine with other small plants.

The healing properties. The juice and pulp of the cactus are used in medicine and cosmetology. Because they contain vitamins and minerals.


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