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Plants: useful and dangerous for the house

Flowers can be protected from diseases or ruin the health

Useful. Orchid, thanks to its beautiful blooms, has become a favorite of women. It protects the power of his mistress from the negative influence of others.

Ivy will bring home the harmony and peace of mind.

Geranium will help calm people who suffer from nervous disorders and insomnia.

Chlorophytum fights bacteria and allergens, ensures an optimal microclimate. Put it by the bed, so the house was dominated by love and understanding.

Dieffenbachia charges the atmosphere with positive energy, but more suitable for offices and large rooms.

Bamboo helps in the development of creative potential.

Dracaena will be for the residents of the house energy and good mood.

Orange and lemon trees clean the air and saturate its invigorating aroma.

Комнатные растения: полезные и опасные для дома

The monster sucks the life, energiatalo:

Threat. Monstera, Chinese rose and aechmea pull life energy. Monstera place where there is a lot of negative energy. The plant will absorb the negative that it will not bring any harm.

Jukka is able to provoke conflicts and heart disease. Place it at the entrance of the house and she will not admit to you detractors.


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