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How to decorate a house for the New year-2018

To create a festive atmosphere, you need to take care of right decor. talks about the trends of the coming year

In 2018 to replace the Red Rooster comes a Yellow Dog, so the design of the house it is better to stick to Golden yellow-brown scales.

The dog is a faithful animal, your home, appreciates a family cosiness. Therefore, to decorate the house so you need to create that same feeling. No eclectic, neon colours and hi-tech. Select one or two shades and apply all in the same style. You can play with the symbol of the coming year and add figurines of dogs or bones.

Как украсить дом к Новому году-2018

Ekostil got to Christmas, designphoto:

And here it elegant on a feast to us has come...

Of course, a sense of celebration, are making the tree. No matter live or artificial — in this case, it all depends on your preferences.

A couple of seasons ago, it was believed that the best Christmas tree decorations, matte and glossy balls in different sizes. But this year, let those toys sit in the mezzanine. Ekostil and got to the Christmas design. Choose only natural products and natural materials — wood, cones, needles, fabric (e.g., felt), and vegetables. Very unexpected and creative on the Christmas tree will look stars of star anise or cinnamon sticks, bunches of Rowan berries, or pomegranate, veiled in a Golden tone with a special spray.

Another trend toys hand-made. If you or someone in your family sew-knits-makes-cooks, to display their talents — it's time. Besides, the astrologers claim that the ornaments made by their own hands, will attract in the upcoming 2018, luck and prosperity.

Как украсить дом к Новому году-2018

This year the main Christmas colors - yellow and Zolotitsa:

Sitting at a table, sing, dance

Almost all new year's eve you will most likely spend for the holiday table. Therefore, its design is also necessary to approach with all responsibility.

Tablecloth choose a light, cream-coloured, and of solemnity and festivity will give a bright cloth. In the center of the table, you can put the composition of spruce cones (better — following all the same ekostil that they were real). You can also put dog figurine.

And most importantly, remember that the design of the house should be designed in the same style. Don't overload the design with unnecessary details. And, of course, add a good mood!


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