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5 unconventional ways to decorate a Christmas tree

December 21 — the winter solstice — it's time to decorate the Christmas tree

Method # 1

If you have house animals or little children is not a reason to deny myself the Christmas tree. Just think in advance what to hang on the tree. Glass, tinsel, "rain" is contraindicated for you. But now there are many toys made of plastic and wood, which are safe for all "irresponsible" of the inhabitants of the apartment.

5 способов нестандартно украсить елку

"Rain", sometimes, leads to трагедиям

Method # 2

Designers recommend to withstand outfit Christmas beauty in a certain style. But, you see, the same type of tree in each house — boring. Allow yourself a luxury — even balls and toys hanging on each branch. The specialists in magic claim — is to riches.

5 способов нестандартно украсить елку

Allow yourself a "riot" фантазии

Method # 3

Did you know that our parents and grandparents are notable for excessive hoarding? Family house, you will likely find a box of toys from your childhood. Nostalgia — sometimes it's nice. These days especially I would like to be a child and believe in miracles.

5 способов нестандартно украсить елку

Childhood memories will warm душу

Method # 4

Tired of Chinese goods? It doesn't matter. Now, there are many workshops that you still have time to make your one and only ball for the New year.

5 способов нестандартно украсить елку

Make a toy сами

Method # 5

To hang on the Christmas tree exclusively toys is not necessary. Remember the stories of the last century, when the tree was decorated with fruits and sweets. And yet it is possible to hang dear to the heart of things, they will be reminded of the 2017 year and all the good that happened in it.

5 способов нестандартно украсить елку

Remember the outgoing year добром


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