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4 ways to create a festive mood

New year to us rushes, it's time to prepare


Many smell of oranges and mandarins is associated with childhood, New year, Christmas tree. However, we are so used to eat them every day, feelings of joy they did not cause. Update experience! Plug some stuff cloves in Mandarin and his story on the tree — you will get a new smell and unusual decoration.

4 способа создать себе праздничное настроение

The smell of citrus reminds you of празднике


Yesterday we came during the Yule — days to the New year are considered magical. Light the candles and make a wish.

4 способа создать себе праздничное настроение

Light up "live" огонь


Even if you are the enemy of the real Christmas tree: it is a pity the tree, I don't want to clean the needles, etc. Bring home a few small spiny twigs — your home filled with the aroma of pine needles, which will create a festive mood.

4 способа создать себе праздничное настроение

Oil burner: two-in-one

You can also use aromalamp — the smell and the candle in the "one bottle". Add the oils of coniferous or citrus that you like.


Boots of Santa Claus, and maybe he himself, reindeer, snowmen, garlands of light bulbs — all of which can be made of any material. However, such details will improve your home and will bring the occasion.

4 способа создать себе праздничное настроение

Jewelry lot not бывает


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