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Aspirin can replace bleach

Several ways to use a tool that is in every medicine Cabinet, for washing white clothes

All of us have faced a situation when a pair of outdated spots forces you to throw out your favorite white t-shirt. Not all bleaches are coping with wine stains, blood or spilled jam. Few people know, but aspirin, which is in each first aid kit, to cope with this task much better. will tell how to use this tool, so you can use it to give dirty items a second life.

Take 5 tablets (325 g) and dissolve in 8 liters of warm water. Soak in this solution a white or light colored things and leave for a few hours. After that, well enough to rinse the clothes in warm water.

In order for aspirin easily soluble in water, and more effective, you can even crush pills into fine crumbs.

To things again became white and shining, soak them some time in the aspirin solution. Then wash the way you normally would. Also aspirin can be added directly into the washing machine.

One of the important advantages of this tool is its gentle effect, it does not damage the fibers of the fabric. This can easily compete with factory bleach. And the price of this tool makes it accessible to everyone.


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