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The history of Christmas toys

Every year we decorate the Christmas tree and decorate the apartment before the New year to bring home the feast. But you never think, where did this tradition. remembered the story and figured out how to decorated the house of our ancestors

The tradition of decorating Christmas trees emerged in the first half of the seventeenth century in Germany and in the Baltic States. Then decorations were quite simple and followed the Christian symbolism. On the branches hung apples as a symbol of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, candles symbolized the angelic purity, and the finial served as the star of Bethlehem. In the USSR, it the alternative was a red five-pointed star and the peaks.

Glass balls appeared in 1848, after Germany had a poor harvest of apples. The glass blowers town of Lauscha glass done instead of apples, which sold out with great success. The first glass balls were quite heavy, but for a couple of decades later, glassmakers learned how to make bowls with thin walls, which became much easier.

История возникновения елочных игрушек

The first Christmas trees decorations were enough prettyphoto:

The first lights appeared at the end of 1870-ies. American Telegraph operator Ralph Morris had the sense to hang on the Christmas tree threads little signal light bulbs that have been used on telephone handsets.

In 1895, the United States was made the first street Christmas lights, which decorated the fir tree in front of the White house. In Soviet Russia, the first garlands were made only in 1938.

Tinsel appeared in Germany in 1610 and was made from fine silver shavings. But silver quickly lost its luster and faded from the heat of the candles, moreover, such a decoration was quite expensive. Poorer people made of tinsel twisted into a spiral lead wire. In the early twentieth century foil were made of lead that did not fade and kept its sparkle. But because of the risk of lead poisoning, its production was phased out. Tinsel and rain in the modern form, made of PVC film, appeared in 1970-ies.

История возникновения елочных игрушек

Glass balls appeared in 1848, godovoe:

The art of carving patterns out of paper appeared a long time ago, around the second century ad, when it was invented the paper itself. But in Russia before the advent of paper often used birch bark (birch bark). It is cut snowflakes that decorated the house.

Ginger cookies known in Europe since the XIII century. However, the tradition of baking it for Christmas in the form of various figures went from Queen Elizabeth I. in Russia On the Christmas baked kozuli and curly carrots, and the tradition of baking gingerbread cookies and hang it on the Christmas tree appeared relatively recently.


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