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Wedding out of town: fashion trend 2018

Practical advice on choosing the best cottage for wedding

Spring begins high wedding season, traditionally the peak of which falls in summer. Many couples have already begun to search the site for weddings since mid-summer that might be a problem. In Moscow and other cities of Russia will host the football world Cup and expects a huge influx of guests from different countries. Therefore, prices for hotels and houses have soared several times, and many sites have already been reserved until the end of July.

You can assign the date of the celebration in August, but it's unpredictable on the street can be cool and rainy. Other options — restaurant on the water with beautiful scenery or a ballroom in a prestigious hotel in the country — afraid of their prices and services. Few people are ready for one day, or rather night, to put more than 1 million rubles. The portal WomanHit understood, to the future newlyweds to splurge on a celebration and make a great holiday.

On websites real estate, you can find lots of offers on rent of country houses for weddings supposedly from the owners. Almost all ads placed by realtors, who take a Commission for services in the amount of 10-20%, which can be from 20 to 50 thousand roubles at average rates and the additional costs you will learn at the last moment.

Fortunately, for the young there is a solution, how to organize a beautiful wedding in the European tradition, but to spend in 2 times less. The best option is to organize a holiday in a luxury cottage in the suburbs. At first glance, it is not difficult, but there are nuances. The owners of the country club LIFEHACKVILLAGE gave us some tips on how to organize the celebration at the highest level, without unnecessary cost and unpleasant surprises.

Свадьба за городом: модный тренд 2018 года

Usually the cottages for a wedding are based on the principle: one large house on the ground floor there is space for the Banquet hall, while the second and attic floors there are many rooms. Hardly newlyweds can spend the wedding night with relatives behind the wall. Therefore, the ideal option could be a complex of 4-5 cottages with a private summer terrace and karaoke club for disco. In this place you can party all night and to prevent those who already went to sleep. But such modern cottage settlements in the suburbs of little...

Another trick when organising a wedding in the cottage: the imposition by the owner and his chef, decorator or rental dishes. More profitable to look for cottages, where you won't be forced to pay for all these services, and will offer to save and all the paraphernalia to bring your own or rent.

A wedding reception was elegant and didn't cost a pretty penny, you need to consider some nuances. In restaurants, the average check per person is 5,000 rubles. You may be allowed to bring your own alcohol, but I will take the cork fee for each bottle consumed. In the cottages with the right approach, food expenses can be reduced by 50%. The owners of the club LIFEHACKVILLAGE quality service for little money, as they have proven partners. In addition, you can purchase food and drinks on their own, and to order only the cooking and serving. Choose dishes from the extensive menu and pre-them to taste.

Country complex LIFEHACKVILLAGE is located 28 km from MKAD on the Yaroslavl highway, in a relic forest near the Uchinskaya and Pestovo reservoir. Here you can enjoy comfortable accommodation in four cottages with huge terraces, a summer terrace, a karaoke club for the night discos, bath on firewood and Parking in a closed area. The money saved would definitely help the young family — at least you can spend a wonderful honeymoon!Wedding out of town: fashion trend 2018

Wedding out of town — two events: family celebrations and outings. A holiday away from the bustling city, cool pictures, cozy atmosphere, fresh air, low cost, and positive emotions — what could be better?

Ina Tegeticula


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