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5 harmful habits of the past

Forget everything you were taught as a child

Habit No. 1

To make the bed as soon as I stood up with her, teach kids, starting with kindergarten age, but in vain. You "lock up" in a warm cheese linen microbes and dust mites which are reproducing successfully in that environment. Leave the blanket unfolded and air bed.

5 вредных бытовых привычек

Do not rush to fill кровать

Habit No. 2

A hurry to flush the toilet, only standing with him. But it turns out that flush is necessary only at the closed lid of the toilet. Tiny water particles can be sprayed to a height of 2 metres, bringing into the room a lot of bacteria.

5 вредных бытовых привычек

Close крышку

Habit No. 3

Many Housewives wash the Windows in Sunny weather, they say, dirt and dust on the glass more visible. It turns out that this is another bad habit. In warm weather, clear water and cleaning solutions during the process evaporate, and remain stains on the surface. By the way, detergent should be applied on cloth or paper, not glass.

5 вредных бытовых привычек

Windows should be washed on a cloudy погоду

Habit No. 4

Cleanliness is not always a guarantee of health. Otolaryngologists do not recommend to clean the ears. Sulfur protects the eardrum from dust and dirt and additionally, serves as a natural anti-bacterial lubricant. Cotton swab we inflict microtrauma hammered gray ear canal and introducing unnecessary germs and fungus that leads to infection, pain and hearing loss.

5 вредных бытовых привычек

Take care уши

Habit No. 5

Another children's rule — brush your teeth after eating — the same mistake. Tooth enamel is reduced in an acid environment. That is, after chewing meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and many other products. Toothbrush you only contribute to damaging enamel.

5 вредных бытовых привычек

After a meal the mouth should be rinsed водой


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