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Dmitriy Nesterov: "We stopped in inadequate housing –only the bare walls and stairs with no handrail"

The singer revealed its "Danish house"

It is no secret that every resident of the metropolis wants to own a house in the village. Dmitry Nxtera no exception. Eight years ago, he became the happy owner of a country estate, just nine kilometres from Moscow. The author and performer of songs, TV and radio presenter, winner of music awards and is a participant of festivals — a busy man, but always willing to make time for communication. "A Cup of coffee or tea?" — from the owner, and now you are sitting at the bar with the feeling of total immersion in a distant world Danish village. Interview of the artist from the February issue of the journal "Atmosphere".

— Dima, you've got a country house? Why did you choose this place?

— Was an accident. My friends told me that they found the land very cheap, then there are no constructions were not. By the time I decided to buy a plot, a local architect has already started to build the house on the premises, he had four of the project. For his work, he took a neighbouring house. Then we learned that he was imprisoned for any fraud... We stopped in inadequate housing — only the bare walls and stairs without railings, had to do everything from scratch.

— Appealed for help to the designer?

— We helped a friend of mine is a designer. But still it was our joint work. We consulted together, choosing materials, discussing details of the interior. Like simple classics, without frills, without gold, without the cupids. So to be able to invite people with traditional views and they do not warp, not irritated, that was cozy and beautiful. Don't know happened or not, judge friends.

Дмитрий Нестеров: «Мы заехали в неблагоустроенное жилье –только голые стены и лестница без перил»

Pictures from birch bark perfectly fit into interestto: Eugene Wavrin

Did you like her ideas? It often happens that the views of the customer and the designer are not the same...

— She brought a lot of things. On her advice we made in the basement "Danish yard". I really liked that wood, leather and ropes. A pillar in the middle of the room — supporting structure, it was impossible to get rid of, and we beat him now looks like a chimney from the heater. Highly recommend it emits heat, and can be just a decoration, to create a cosiness. A real fire, we now do not use. Used to buy special logs which burn with colored flame, now prefer TV. In old age, I'll probably warm feet by the fireplace, enjoy the fire through the panoramic glass. (Smiles.)

— What is important to you — style or comfort?

— Ease. It is important that the style is not difficult to live with at home. Sometimes when I come to visit, see "Agostini", which can be neither washed nor touched. Well, what is it?

Your occupation is reflected in the interiors?

All. My life is imbued with music on all hundred. And paint the walls with notes or guitars — is already too much. Although I know artists who like to like to do. I think it will be to recall the backlog, loss, any problems. Wall I prefer to decorate with paintings, which I write specifically for me — a window into the memories that are dear to me.

Дмитрий Нестеров: «Мы заехали в неблагоустроенное жилье –только голые стены и лестница без перил»

In the Nesterov house often have guests who are happy to miss a game, beliaghata: Eugene Wavrin

Let's go back to European house.

We have issued all in the same style of wood bound with leather and ropes. It's a style of rustic Europe, XIX–XX centuries. Here is the atmospheric chandelier handmade. She made friends, and, as it turned out, they did not sell yet. So I have superexclusive.

— How did the idea of the bar?

— In the house gets a lot of visitors and need a place where you can enjoy a coffee, without interrupting the conversation, and that was where to put the cups. By the way, there's a sauna here behind this door. However, it has long enjoyed.

— Some musicians get so tired of fans that the house is perceived as a solitary fortress. But apparently not you...

— I love visitors. If I like Yuri Antonov, you're going to seek the privacy of home. (Smiles.) To sit here and quietly to relax with ten dogs. Although I don't think all artists do that.

Дмитрий Нестеров: «Мы заехали в неблагоустроенное жилье –только голые стены и лестница без перил»

Winter garden pleases the eye. Many plants moved here from a city apartment, artistdata: Eugene Wavrin

— Do you have things with history?

— After a divorce more than a year I spent in seclusion under Tarusa, entertaining themselves with fishing, riding horses, and there learned how to do loop the loop on the Yak-52. These pictures of birch bark hung in the house on the Bank of the Oka river. I bought them from local artists, and did a small collection.

They perfectly fit into the interior. Decorative bricks on the walls if to continue the theme of birch bark.

— Yes? I didn't even notice. (Smiles.) According to the designer, these elements had to impersonate a mud hut, creating a mood of European old house. These pebbles could not stick, because the designer went somewhere and left them lying on the floor. I've been thinking how to do it properly, what kind of glue you need to buy. Just a few years ago decided to stick.

— I see that you love nature. In one of the big areas you have a Conservatory.

— We always had lots of plants. Part moved here from my city apartment. A lot of flowers gave fans and friends. Family support the winter garden. The most important thing in the care of the plants regularly watered and fertilize them.

— A large aquarium...

— Aquariums I have had since childhood. Like dogs, parrots, snakes, hamsters and other animals. All that I love. I wanted to make an aquarium with unusual fish. And my friendship with "Autoradio" has yielded fruit. (Smiles.) Exotic fish I brought one of the DJs. Somehow I got to shoot three small goldfish is a rare breed of "black comet". And two was indeed the black comet, small submarines, and the third has grown to the size of carp. And now this is my favorite aquarium fish. So get a custom aquarium as I wanted.

Дмитрий Нестеров: «Мы заехали в неблагоустроенное жилье –только голые стены и лестница без перил»

Dog pack gathered gradually over six levoto: Eugene Wavrin

— When you did the repair, take into account the presence of dogs?

— No, I didn't consider. The dog pack was going for six years and also six. Now I help to care for them because of the time I have in connection with concert activity now is not enough. Pets need walking three times a day, they need to feed, to comb, to communicate with them. Naturally, the big dogs can jump on the sofa with dirty paws, because it is not always possible for them to follow. But I wanted to keep light furniture. After the birth of the puppies had to change it — the little ones chewed on literally every seat in the house, did not spare even a pool table.

And again you bought the light furniture!

— I like light. Red and black colors seem to be aggressive.

But there are a lot of prizes that got all your Pets...

— All prizes only one dog, her name is Bahati, Bahati Sankhil Ridges. This breed is Rhodesian Ridgeback. Gave me a little puppy and promised that more will not grow. But it turned into a large purebred dog, weighing forty-five pounds. We started her show career and I was fascinated. It was a little show business to their stars. My dog managed to win some very big exhibitions, was the winner of the world Cup. We had planned to knit, found a very beautiful male. In that time we repaired the fence, and when I went out with Bahati — she suddenly disappeared. It turned out that the road to our girl conceals healthy rootless male. But the next day we brought her to a purebred dog, from which the originally planned litter. Lucky — born purebred puppies, we have done just in case the DNA test. One Lelechka, left, another, eve, took a friend fishing, the master of game "What? Where? When?" Victor Sydney, who originally denied the love of dogs, calling himself a cat person. So now we have two Rhodesian Ridgeback. And in the Moscow apartment living third — Gerda. She was thrown out on the street. I then found her former owners. Turns out they bought a new house, too lazy to carry a dog, and they have got two little Chihuahua... I was very upset, undermine such cases faith in people. I rebuilt pedigree dogs, it turns out, her name is Beverly Zlato Rusi, now she got the title of champion of Russia.

Дмитрий Нестеров: «Мы заехали в неблагоустроенное жилье –только голые стены и лестница без перил»

Fireplace – an indispensable thing in the cold winter, vechiatto: Eugene Wavrin

— You have a lot of interesting interior details. Buy or give to fans?

— Lots of gifts — from tiny trinkets to huge paintings. The paintings that hang on the second floor, gave the artist Alexey Evstigneev. He was recently awarded the title of people's artist of the Russian Federation. I congratulate him on a deserved title! He gladly gives me his work, but sometimes takes only to complement his exhibition. I also gave a portrait "Ivan the terrible, the Kazan icon of the Mother of God" in human growth, the picture got only the third taxi. In the end I put her in a Moscow apartment. I got it for birthday, anniversary. So I call his 36th birthday two times eighteen.

It's probably the most memorable gift?


— And then there are some item, very nice that you gave?

— Give a lot... unfortunately, can not be called and offending someone. The most pleasant gifts from my mom. She is a seamstress and sometimes gives me surprises, and made by hand.

— Do you have a dream house? Perhaps you are already living, and maybe want something else?

— I recently saw a house on the water, I like it so much! I have a dream that my house could travel along the Moscow river. But my main dream — to live outside the city — has been realized. And soon the fans will see the surroundings of my house in the new video for the song "Russian land" in duet with "buranovskie grandmothers". By the way, this clip was filmed my favorite horse Sonata.


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