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5 secrets of a cozy and original spaces

Updated apartment without any extra costs

Secret # 1

You have all the furniture arranged on the Ticker along the walls? It's just boring and unproductive. Will push the couch closer to the center of the room, and opposite it place a chair. Thus, you get area for an intimate relationship with someone, and freed a space for bookshelves or aquarium. This is a great move that visually makes the room bigger.

5 секретов уютного и оригинального помещения

Move the couch to центру

Secret # 2

Leave the "headset" grandmothers. Of course, in the Soviet Union to get a set of soft Yugoslav furniture was happiness, but today the chair should not be the same as the sofa. Get creative. This is your room, it should not be faceless.

5 секретов уютного и оригинального помещения

The same padding is скучно

Secret # 3

Many of the interior: chairs, bedside tables, lamps and the like, look good in pairs. But don't get carried away with symmetry. The living room should be like a showcase furniture salon. "Dilute" bedroom chair with an unusual shape or chest of drawers.

5 секретов уютного и оригинального помещения

Don't forget about the small детали

Secret # 4

Make the permutation more often. Not necessarily to go for new furniture in the store. It is possible that putting a Desk in another corner and replacing the upholstery on the sofa, you will get a very different kind of office. Sometimes it is enough to update only a small part/

5 секретов уютного и оригинального помещения

Do not overdo it with симметрией

Secret number 5

Don't forget about the light. Spread the lights throughout the entire room, leaving no dark corners. Chandelier, sconces on the wall, illuminated paintings, floor lamp, candle holders with shade — each of the lamps creates a new atmosphere in the room.

5 секретов уютного и оригинального помещения

Play with светом


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