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5 tips on how to manage money

Learn to make purchases without loans

Tip # 1

Oddly enough, psychologists rarely suggest to turn on the TV. So you get rid of annoying ads and thus you have less chance of being tempted to buy something unnecessary. Because sometimes we gain a tenth lipstick, just on impulse, which the manufacturer is trying to convey to us from the screen. This also applies to the "hang up" clocks in the Network.

5 советов, как правильно распоряжаться деньгами

Don't become a victim рекламы

Take your time instead of watching something more useful, like a walk or learning a foreign language. And along with power save.

Tip # 2

Make purchases in store. Saw the discount on the designer dreamed of your son? Well, what if he has a birthday only six months. By the time you are unlikely to go on sale, and plastic for 6 months is not rotten.

5 советов, как правильно распоряжаться деньгами

Do not сезон

Tip # 3

If you really want to get some thing, do not buy impulsively, under the impulse of desire. Give yourself a few days to think about the feasibility of this acquisition. It is not excluded that in a week you will realize that these boots you just do not need.

5 советов, как правильно распоряжаться деньгами

Don't spend it all and сразу

Tip # 4

After receiving the salary, we are tempted to treat myself. There is even an expression: "harness pocket money". To pull all at once, purchase all the necessary in advance of receipt of regular sums of money. A visit to the store set aside for a few days.

5 советов, как правильно распоряжаться деньгами

Go to the store with списком

Tip # 5

Once a year to revise tariff plans, cellular companies, TV operators and Internet service providers. For beginners their services are constantly becoming cheaper, and if you have been using the services of the same company, perhaps you are considerably overpaying.

5 советов, как правильно распоряжаться деньгами

Sales allow to buy дешевле


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