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5 little things that will make your house cozier

How to give the room personality with a minimal amount of cost


Porcelain knickknacks loved our great-grandmother. But don't get hung up on the material. Wood, metal, glass will allow you to do in a faceless room accent is not worse than the expensive works of Meissen. And choose according to your preference and the overall style of the room. With Oriental design, choose the symbols of Feng Shui, the classical statues of people.

5 мелочей, которые сделают ваш дом уютнее

Figures accentuate your индивидуальность


Plants will not only liven up the interior, but also to improve the microclimate. Please note on the pots — they should not be beaten out from the General style of the room. If colors is few, then pick them the same capacity for planting. To put them not only on the windowsill. They will be appropriate on the shelf near the TV, or on the Desk, beside the computer. Alternatively, you can hang flowers in pots.

5 мелочей, которые сделают ваш дом уютнее

Flowers healthier атмосферу


Thanks to family snapshots, your living room certainly it would be difficult to confuse with the neighborhood. Recorded happy moments of your life will always lighten the mood, return to the warm memories. Photos will be appropriate as on the shelves, the Desk and the wall. Note the frame — they should go well with each other and with the rest of the interior.

5 мелочей, которые сделают ваш дом уютнее

Pictures will allow you to plunge into the moments счастья


Decorative pillows, rugs, blankets, tablecloths create a cosy atmosphere. With their help, you can make a bright accent to show off the personality of the room. One of the advantages with the help of textile you instantly and inexpensively can transform a room creating a new room design.

5 мелочей, которые сделают ваш дом уютнее

Bright pillows will add color акценты


This is a very functional item. They are a soft and subdued light, set up a romantic mood, soothe the psyche and serve as decor. Put in the room several chandeliers. It can be paired candelabra or bowls for floating candles, aroma lamp or a funny stand — choose to your taste.

5 мелочей, которые сделают ваш дом уютнее

Candles awaken романтичность


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