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Clear skies

How you can reduce the risks of getting allergies?

At the end of the XX century scientists have named the main threat to human health in the next century. Disease some 30 years ago, it was rare, it didn't even maintain statistics. It appeared suddenly and came out of nowhere. And in a short time spread with catastrophic speed. This Allergy. In Western Europe, 35 per cent of the adult population suffers different forms of Allergy. But at the beginning of the two thousandth, this figure was two times lower. find out how you can protect yourself and family from the pandemic of the XXI century, as it is called Allergy doctors.

Still doctors are unable to pinpoint the causes of allergies. It is known that the most common and powerful allergen is pollen. But Allergy sufferers among rural residents is much lower than among urban. So in Berlin Allergy suffers every fourth inhabitant in Moscow — one in three in new York — one in six. Experts believe that the whole reason the polluting particles, which in urban air is much greater than in rural areas. And it can confirm any owner living in the metropolis, and doing a daily wet cleaning to get rid of a permanent presence in the apartment dust.

Probably everyone saw in the beam of sunlight, the small vortex of dust swirling in our house. This dust is impossible to fight: she settles on the furniture, Wallpaper, carpets, we inhaled. Now life has changed markedly compared to 30 years ago, when our mothers and grandmothers did General cleaning for the New year and Easter. Now it happens much more often, as the dirt and dust clogged in all corners of our house. But the most unpleasant that in most cases all of our efforts are in vain.

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For example, how we clean upholstered furniture? Wipe with a damp cloth and vacuum. But in this way the dirt is removed only with upholstery material, and in most cases, just smeared. While dust and dirt are moved to the depth of the filler, often becoming the cause of allergic reactions. The same applies to mattresses, pillows, carpets that accumulate dead skin flakes of humans and Pets, larvae, excrement mikroklima. It is proven that mattress for the double bed is home to about 4 million saprophytes. And this dirt, which we breathe is the cause of chronic fatigue, headaches and allergies. And most worryingly, the usual vacuum cleaner, we with this problem will not make it.

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Doctors advise to clean the furniture, mattresses, pillows and rugs only with the help of special equipment and tools. For this it is enough twice a year to call the experts. For example, the company "Diana-KLINING", operating since 1998 and is a member of the network of dry-cleaners-laundries Diana, people and equipment there.

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Nikolai Golovin, chief specialist of the company "Diana-Cleaning":

"In order to understand what is happening with the spot in contact with the surface of the furniture, to experiment. Take a regular sponge for washing dishes, and pour on it a drop of wine, jam or ketchup, and then squeeze the sponge several times as you do when using dishwashing detergent. What do we see? The stain penetrated deep into the sponge! And now sprinkle on top a few drops of water as if You want to remove this stain. Not even squeezing the sponge will be noticeable that it is bigger and spread on the surface, but has penetrated more inland. The same occurs with all types of dirt, including dust on our furniture.

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Physics and chemistry prove that once a piece of dirt reacts with water, it becomes bigger, and not the fact that will be able to reach the surface of the furniture through the fabric.

When our specialist arrives to the Client, he aims to determine the degree and type of contamination, depth of penetration, type of upholstery fabric and on this basis to decide which technology and what cleaner to use to remove this contamination. Generally we use 3 types of technologies and, depending on the situation, recommend the best what to apply in their case. It's a knockout, the method of dry foam and a method of wet cleaning".

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Special eco-machines work by geyser separator technology, that is, knock the dirt and dust to the bottom. Then special means output spots, and then produce a General cleaning method is dry foam. The same are doing with carpets. Under pressure is supplied to the carpet detergent, which dissolves the contamination and then to collect it. This treatment all soft surfaces will significantly reduce the presence of dust in the apartment and reduce the risk of allergies.

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It is also worth to do with curtains, especially those that cannot be removed, washed or dry-cleaned. To cleaning companies who have been working in this market, there are services such as dry cleaning curtains at home. Using a dry, wet or steam-cleaning experts will help you to get rid of most of the allergens contained in the dust on the curtains.

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The same goes for house cleaning, window cleaning. Required special tools, with which the master will be able to reach the most inaccessible places in the apartment, thus not only saving your time and effort, but all in vain labor to combat dust. And if such procedures are to be done at least as a General cleaning, the air in the house will be much cleaner, which means your favorite people — healthier.

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