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5 ways monthly savings of a few thousand

It is time to review your daily expenses

Method # 1

For a start let's pay attention to very money. Card has accustomed us to the fact that you always have the freedom to manage their funds. Even if debit card was empty, the banks are happy to issue credit cards, and even with interest-free period. It finally relaxes our brain, and we buy everything your heart desires. Carry cash and leave the cards at home. By the way, the money should be removed only in an ATM, because someone else would take interest.

5 способов ежемесячно экономить несколько тысяч рублей

Pay наличными

Method # 2

Go to the store with a list. Define the house you want to buy, and calculate the approximate cost of the goods. In his pocket a certain amount, you don't have to wonder why the fifth was bought lipstick colors withered roses. This will allow you to avoid the pitfalls of marketing, in the form of shares and less to throw away unnecessary things and spoiled food.

5 способов ежемесячно экономить несколько тысяч рублей

Write список

Method # 3

Start to cook. Of course, a trip to a restaurant on special occasions for the two of you no one cancels, but eat constantly — it's expensive. Captured "to-go" Cup of coffee with a bun of fast food will bring you health and pleasure.

5 способов ежемесячно экономить несколько тысяч рублей

Home вкуснее

Method # 4

Give up the purchase of semi-finished products, do not forget that the manufacturer probably will save on quality than on advertising. After spending a few hours to fill the freezer with homemade meatballs, stuffed peppers and sausages, enough to buy meat.

5 способов ежемесячно экономить несколько тысяч рублей

Learn готовить

Method # 5

Analyze the cost of the phone and the Network. Maybe you have an old data plan, and there are more profitable? Or connected the extra features that you don't use, for example, mailing lists and subscriptions? Maybe you don't need such a big traffic?

5 способов ежемесячно экономить несколько тысяч рублей

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