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5 items that bring good luck in the house

Folk omens, promising happiness


About lucky, lucky man say that he is a horse who needs a horseshoe. Place it over the front door, and happiness will come to you.

5 предметов, которые приносят в дом удачу

Looking for a horseshoe in деревне


If everything goes wrong, dishes breaking, torn clothes, items missing, so evil Shalit, believed by our ancestors. Garlic is known to best product for its restraint. Under the ceiling, in a secluded place, put a few heads, they will clean the energy of the apartment.

5 предметов, которые приносят в дом удачу

Please be чесноком


The saints ask for advice and protection, pray for health. The image must be consecrated in the Church. Then the icon is able to ward off any dashing, encroached on your home.

5 предметов, которые приносят в дом удачу

Icons are passed from generation to поколение


It is believed that the jingle drives away evil spirits and attracts good luck into the house. Hang him so that he called as often as possible. The people believed that to choose the better bell of silver or iron. It should be clean, not irritating ringing.

5 предметов, которые приносят в дом удачу

The sound should be звонким


Sweet treat draws prosperity to the house. Girls useful honey treat any young person, he will remember her home is cozy, and the hostess welcoming and pleasant.

5 предметов, которые приносят в дом удачу

Honey for sweet жизни

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