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Modern women's room: what are its features

Interior designer, coach design Irina Lukyanova gives important tips on the proper arrangement of personal space

When designing the interior room design modern girls need to remember one thing: the created space should be comfortable and functional. All planning decisions should be ergonomic and to respect the wishes of the owner of the room in terms of zoning. Generally, there are the following zones: bedroom area, closet, and area of the desktop. If space allows, if necessary, boudoir area. In addition, very often the modern girls allocate the space of the room under the sports area, which will accommodate a treadmill or a bike. Proper zoning allows you to make the space one room multifunctional. And this, perhaps, be called the main trend in recent years in the interior design. That the room was not only functional, but also comfortable to stay, you can't ignore the laws of ergonomics. For example, the passages should not be already 60-70 cm should Not use the women's room multi-level ceilings. The ceiling should be smooth, should not crush or visually to fall, especially if the ceiling height is low. The maximum illumination should be placed in the area of podshtornikom.

Современная женская комната: в чем ее особенности

Modern interiors are original, restituto author

After the space of the room will be divided into functional areas, you must select stylistic solutions of the future interior. When making a room modern girls usually used three styles of the vector:

- Neoclassicism — an offshoot of classic in modern processing, with the use of modern materials;

Scandinavian style — the trend of recent years, which is not going to lose its relevance;

- contemporary style — soft, clear, comfortable, with a predominance of draperies that make the room as comfortable.

As for trendy colors, then these trends 2018-2019 steel ultraviolet, Ceylon yellow and classic colors (gray, dark blue, beige, white). Women's space, usually involves the use of household plants. The trend in "green building" became effective in 2017, the exhibition in Milan, with the advent of pantonal a palette of shades of freshly cut grass.

Современная женская комната: в чем ее особенности

Feel free to combine shades and picturephoto author

Except for production color solutions, great importance is the choice of structures and combinations thereof. In modern design structures are used in contrast. For example, works very well, the combination of a smooth wall surface and rough surface of the stone. Marble well "work" in conjunction with a tree structure, where one material has a reflective, glossy surface that gives the room a solemnity, and second it soothes, makes it more cosy, homely.

An important component of any interior furnishings. Today the preference is clear, concise furniture. Do not use furniture sets, today it is not fashionable. The bed and dresser should not be from the same collection. In the ladies ' room works especially well furniture with a textile — it is comfortable to use and gives the correct mood of the entire space. Textile may be the head of the bed, unusual or classic shapes, all kinds of poufs, stools or chairs.

Designing a room interior for modern girls, it is important to remember that it needs to be not only fashionable, functional and comfortable, but also reflect the personality, character of his mistress. The most important thing in any interior is the one for which it is designed.

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