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5 mistakes during washing

Save your assistant

Mistake # 1

You never wash the machine, but in vain. This is required not only to prolong her life, but also in order to avoid odor and breeding of many bacteria! Periodically rinse the empty drum at the maximum temperature of the water.

5 ошибок во время стирки

Scroll through the drum without вещей

Mistake # 2

Of course, given the cost of electricity, we try to wash less often, sticking to the drum the maximum number of things. However, remember that the machine can not cope with the overload. And the clothes are coming out worse.

5 ошибок во время стирки

Do not overload машинку

Mistake # 3

It would seem that the powder is used to clean. However, the container in which you fall asleep, you need to keep clean, removing excess detergent with a brush.

5 ошибок во время стирки

Remove the remnants порошка

Mistake # 4

Fabric softener is a very useful chemistry: and linen makes it softer and smell nice attaches. But do not wash them with towels — they will lose their main function — the absorption of water.

Mistake # 5

I hope you did not wash together white and black, but besides that things must be sorted by color, pay attention to the fabric from which they are made, and their size. Get yourself a mesh for washing, then you will always be an even number of socks. And if it is to wash a duvet cover, you will not have to get out of him pillow cases and t-shirts.

5 ошибок во время стирки

Mesh will help sort out белье

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