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How to bring order in the wardrobe have collected for you a few tips on proper storage of items

Everything should be in sight

Often we are faced with the fact that we have nothing to wear. All this is due to the fact that we take things in a corner and forget about them. The result is that we buy similar clothes, littered closet. Make all your stuff lying in plain sight. So you will save a lot of time in the selection of the onion and will be able to reduce spending. In the analysis of the closet to start is to define a separate location for each type of things.

Как навести порядок в гардеробе

Every thing should have its own место


To keep things on wire hangers is impossible. They can damage clothes made of delicate fabrics. This type of "hanger" is designed only to bring things from the store or dry cleaning. Also should get rid of the cumbersome racks, they take up a lot of space. It is best to choose the medium size, for example, of wood. To choose but patent leather is also not worth it — these clothing will slide down and fall to the bottom of the wardrobe, creating a mess in the closet. The most functional are the hangers made of plastic with silicone pads. It should be noted that the hangers have to be of the size and of the same size, then the closet would be fine, and visually it will look good.

Как навести порядок в гардеробе

Choose the same вешалки


Again it should be noted that for each type of things you need to determine your shelf. Pants should be stored on a single, sweaters on another, lighter shirt on the third. There is one trick. Dark clothes should be alternated with a light and bright, so they are immediately visible and do not merge with each other.

For t-shirts, you can highlight the box. Gently roll them roll and put vertically. So they won't wrinkle and will be on view.

Как навести порядок в гардеробе

Neatly stack things on полке


This garment is better not to remove to distant boxes. You can buy a special hanger-mounts, which each scarf has its place. This accessory for the wardrobe can be easily found in the store. If this does not suit you, simply fold scarves stacks and rack on the same principle as with clothing.

Как навести порядок в гардеробе



This accessory takes up very much space. Every bag you don't wear them, better to hide in a separate case and fill the inside with paper or Newspapers. So they will retain their appearance. Large bags can be put on the bottom of the dressing room. Small bags crossbody you can hang it on holders or scarves to attach them to the hooks in the closet.

Как навести порядок в гардеробе

The bags that you currently do not wear better stuff бумагой

Underwear and socks

To contain these items in order, useful special delimiters. You can insert them into the drawer, creating several small offices. Socks and stockings, it is better to arrange in pairs, to avoid confusion and not to waste time.

Different bras to put down a Cup to a Cup, so they will always be available and visible. You can also connect the cups of one bra and put inside the panties of this set.

Как навести порядок в гардеробе

For underwear, there are special разделители


Here a special module with separators. Each strap can be rolled by rolls (but not to tight, otherwise there may be formed creases) and put in a separate cell. Or they can be hung on a special hanger and attach it to the Cabinet door.

Как навести порядок в гардеробе

Belts are better скручивать


It is best to store shoes in "native" boxes. They can stick the photograph of the couple, not to spend too much time looking. Or you can buy a special transparent box. It should be noted that before storing the shoes in a box, it is necessary to clean and fill paper for better preservation.

Как навести порядок в гардеробе

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When the cold season will pass, the question arises, how to store the jacket in order. Fur must be removed in a special case, they cannot be stored in plastic. Do not forget to put the special anti-moth, modern drugs do not have a specific odor and are very good at their task.

Как навести порядок в гардеробе

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