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Signs that bring money in the house

The financial question for many almost always is an edge. found for you some of the most effective rituals to attract material wealth

Who does not dream to become financially successful? There is probably no such person who does not experience discomfort inside the word "poverty." In every culture there are special signs that are used in the case of instability in the material plane.

First, some General rules:

Count your money, not someone else's

Not going to remind you that envy is a bad feeling. There is a belief that if you count other people's money, their run.

Do not keep money long

The method might seem wasteful, but omen insists on this approach.

Приметы, которые приносят деньги в дом

Do not keep money, dolgovato:

The way of making money

It is important to consider where and how you got the money. Crooked way — the path to financial nowhere.

Signs associated with the purse:

The wallet is made of expensive materials — one of the best ways to lure money.

To put money in the purse is better face. The front side of the bill looking for where is the serial number.
If you give a wallet, put a coin — the future owner will be well provided for.

Приметы, которые приносят деньги в дом

If you give a purse, put, manadotua:
Talk about characters:

Cat "joy". This sign is widespread, so take your time to scold your cat if it left you a surprise in your Shoe — may it bring you luck today.

Приметы, которые приносят деньги в дом

Do not scold the cat for broken, obavite:

On Sundays, hand out fines to those in need. But remember: it is absolutely necessary to give all the detail in the house.

Give the debt in small amounts. Although that's unlikely to please those you owe, especially if the amount is large.

Do not rush to spend the salary in the pay-day, otherwise the risk in the future to lose it. Hold out at least until the next morning.

If your left palm itches — wait for a raise.

When you take the money, do it with your left hand, give right. It makes sense when you consider that the left hand is "in the money" hand.

Try to keep your pockets had no holes in it, otherwise money will flow away with the river.

Carefully count the change, because the money is like the expense.

Giving animals, take at least a nominal fee. So you and the puppies help to find the owner, and attract financial prosperity into your home.

Try to use at least a few of these will take and see how your financial condition will be corrected in the eyes.

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