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What should be the new year's table

Clairvoyant Caretta Akhmetzhanova tells how to make the coming year has been gracious to us, and what, conversely, should be avoided so as not to annoy the Pig

The year of the Pig will soon come into its own, and every woman will try to make a Christmas table as delicious and beautiful. Let's see how to surprise Earthen Pig and what she likes.

According to the Eastern horoscope it closes a Pig year, so this animal must be the maximum attention. Pigs are very good animal. Loves order and very reasonable. 2019 is the year of Yellow earth Pig. As we all know, the pig likes to eat, this year on the table you should have a lot of things. But do not think that the dishes should be fine. The pig is a pet, so the kitchen will prefer a home, not a restaurant.


Let's start with the table decoration. Best for the basis take the yellow, red and green. The important point is that the Pig loves all natural. If you still have grandma's tablecloth linen, it is the best fit to the table. Pig love rustic motifs, so go to their grandfather and grandmother, open old trunks in attics and look for a beautiful wooden bowl. Anyone have something with Khokhloma is simply a great success.

Каким должен быть новогодний стол

Yellow, red and green are the most relevant, Cotabato:

You will immediately attract the attention of Pigs, if new year's eve on the table put a bowl of wonderful, full of different cereals, except buckwheat, and a variety of candy. If the wicker basket, decorate it with fir branches or greenery. Swipe is better to put from fabric instead of paper. Also, avoid plastic utensils. If you have some beautiful bowls for salads cracked, it is better to throw them away before the new, 2019, year. Pig does not like ugly and old dishes. If anything in your kitchen is cracked, it is better to get rid of it. Then the Pig will give you financial prosperity in the new year, and what to buy for the money, you will always find.

Dear ladies, despite the fact that the Pig loves to eat, this year you don't have to cook something complex and surprising people gourmet Mediterranean cuisine. The table should be an abundance of baked goods and pies, and a variety of greenery. Don't forget that the Pig loves money, so sprinkle on the table gold coins, pre-rubbed them till they shone. This will not only please the Pig, but also will help you and your guests to take the coins as a souvenir, to exactly at 12 midnight to make a wish. After that, each can his coin hide it in your pocket or in your bag and carry it all year as a talisman of prosperity.

Каким должен быть новогодний стол

Decorate the Christmas table, monotomidae:


This year's welcome abundance of salads. Don't forget that you need to exclude all the dishes associated with pork and poultry. Pigs are very offended if at the Christmas table will see his girlfriend a Chicken or Rooster. Below the Pig is not left unhappy and has not left you without money in the New year, prepare the lamb or the fish. Hot enough one. The rustic kitchen more to taste ground Pig, so treat her to snacks and salads. Don't forget to eliminate from the diet of eggs. Replace them with better quail. Vegetable salads, stuffed tomatoes, steamed zucchini and eggplant, mushrooms salty — that's not the whole list of dishes that you can put on the Christmas table. Let me tell you another little secret: all the preparations should be finished no later than 22.00. Pig likes to sleep, and for new year's table you need to feel rested.

Каким должен быть новогодний стол

The table should be an abundance of bread, isdelete:


The pig does not tolerate the smell of alcohol. Prepare plenty of drinks: lemonade, juice, juice, juice. Of course, a table without champagne and wine. If the drinks are light, the Pig won't even notice it. But from the vodka and cognac have to give. If you want to have in your house reigned harmony and love for the next year to put on the table a plate with different nuts. A pig will notice this gesture. Nothing tastier nuts for it does not exist. Pig loves fruit, and, as I mentioned, vegetables. On the table is best put everything that has a red — bell pepper, tomatoes, carrots, red oranges, apples, raspberries. All I wish, regardless of new year's eve menu at your house was always warm, cozy, and on the table was always your favorite foods.

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