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Flowers that are dangerous to keep in the apartment

Some, even very beautiful, the plants can become a real disaster for your home. WomanHit will help to make the right choice

Have you noticed that occasionally your house is out of order electrical appliances, the mood of the whole family often goes bad, or you have happen some kind of trouble. Such a negative is quite difficult to expel. But do not despair, you will come potted plants, specifically flowers. We all know that they cleaned the house from bad energy.

But do not rush to the store or to the market for the coveted pot, not all flowers are equally useful and may be not just useless, but also hurt. Some of them absorb your positive energy, due to which you become angry. What colors to look at and which to ignore, we now tell.

Each plant has its own characteristics, thanks to which you can establish a personal life, and to suffer a complete collapse. Especially carefully it is necessary to choose plants, when the house is less protected from the harmful effects of family members — children and the elderly.

Dangerous flowers can be divided into several types:

Vampires. The ones that take your life energy, blowing the negativity from the outside.

Blockers. They prevent luck on your way in your life.

With negative energy. Incompatible energy with the household. Usually their shape is pointed.

Цветы, которые опасно держать в квартире

Violet could become a serious obstacle to a happy personal infoto:

As a rule, in every residential area there are plants that tell much about the energy situation in the house. If you notice yellow leaves, this suggests that house is sick man.

Beautiful, at first glance, violet could become a serious obstacle to a happy personal life. Single people in General it is desirable to circumvent it. To buy the violet, especially lilac, is possible only in case, when you have quite a long time to live with a partner. In this situation it will manifest itself only on the positive side.

Similar symptoms brings into our lives and Camellia. Do not expect a passionate relationship, if there is this flower.

Цветы, которые опасно держать в квартире

Do not expect a passionate relationship, if there is omelette:

Single woman it is best to look at the Orchid and Spathiphyllum. Just put them in my bedroom and wait for positive changes.

Unwanted "tenants" in the house are climbing plants. Plant them only outside the house: thus they prevent the passage of the negativity inside. In the room the creepers take too much space and take away good energy.

Цветы, которые опасно держать в квартире

Ivy does not contribute to bringing the house, arcinfotm:

Plants that do not keep in the house:

Ivy. Feeds good energy in large amounts, does not contribute to bringing the house men.

Another "vampire" is a dieffenbachia, it has the ability to absorb energy and is dangerous for small spaces.

If you are a medium, should not be planted near the house of siren, because she usually grows near cemeteries. Although there are different points of view on this matter itself, the siren shares his positive energy and has a gorgeous smell.

If you are nervous, you should pay attention to the Camellia is planted in a pot it helps to develop hidden potential.

Cacti are also suitable for young women suffering with excessive attention from the opposite sex. "Thorn" will be the salvation of the obsessive attention of the opposite sex. Also, the cactus will continue to heal in the house of quiet people, he will give them courage.

Цветы, которые опасно держать в квартире

Cacti are also suitable for young, germinate:

So, you have information on the choice of plants, but, most importantly, rely on your taste and preferences. You can purchase the violet, so if she's your soul and take her into the company of neutralizing flower, then the harmony in your home settled permanently.

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