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What kind of tree to choose

Before the New year is less than a month — it's time to put up a Christmas tree. This year, designers rely on new and old trends, implementing bright ideas for the main holiday decorations

Coming 2019 — the year of Yellow earth Pig, belongs to the Earth element, so in the design should be based on natural color. You should also not forget about shades of yellow and their derivatives, so instead of the usual silver rain buy gold tinsel. Welcome orange, beige, amber color. You can add a little red, blue or green, and mustard. And don't forget the pig loves glamor and luxury, so don't be embarrassed if your spruce looks too rich.

Tree European

In Europe welcomed the brevity and restraint. But the tree remains bright and pleasing to the eye. This style of eating is not the first relevant and in Russia. For decoration you'll need balloons of two or three colors, or one color, but you hang matte and glossy versions of the toys. Also in Europe it is fashionable to balls to add decoration in the form of various bells, icicles, bows. Tinsel on some of the trees missing. Instead of the usual in Russia, the red star on top of customary to hang the flower poinsettias, that is, "the Christmas star".

Какую елку выбрать

In the trend of ecostiletto:

Eco - friendly and Scandinavian styles

This year jubilant conservationists. Ekostil widely used in Christmas decoration. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that all the toys are made from eco-friendly materials and their hands. For decoration preferably everything that likes to eat pig. And it can be found on the street. For example, cones, red mountain ash. You can dry orange slices, use shells. Also suitable for nuts and acorns. In trend decoration-baking cookies of different shapes, which also can be baked independently.

A feature of Scandinavian style that is dominated by cold color: white and its shades. The material used should be natural or similar to it. And instead of trees you can use even an ordinary tree branch, decorated with a few toys made of natural materials: wool, cotton, etc. looks Good the snow spraying on the tree that can be created with the help of a can of artificial snow.

Какую елку выбрать

A feature of Scandinavian style that is dominated by cold color: white and attentive:

Vintage and retro

Vintage Christmas tree also relevant in this season. Itself fluffy beauty can be both natural and artificial. The decorations should be a shade of the past. Try to rummage in boxes and attics and find old Soviet toys. This is the case when it makes sense to do without a rain and garlands.

To make vintage jewelry by yourself. For example, using sawdust and glue. To make a toy you need to mix three tablespoons (from top) chips, a spoonful of starch and four tablespoons of white glue. So your hands won't stick together grease them with vegetable oil. From the resulting test vilaite any figure and then paint it with acrylic paint. It could be Grandfather frost, snow maiden, hares, bears, and other heroes of fairy tales. Also toys can be made from felt fabrics, filled with cotton wool. Impressive looking layered toys, made for the type of application. The edges can be processed using large stitches in a contrasting thread. As vintage jewelry to wear the old photos that can be placed in a beautiful frame.

Какую елку выбрать

In Europe welcomed the brevity and restraint

Rainbow style

This year, designers are actively using to decorate the Christmas tree the principle of the rainbow. When the balls are hung in tiers in the order of the colors of the rainbow. By the way, instead of balls, you can decorate the Christmas tree with the usual POM-POM.

Tree invisible

To create the effect of a weightless Christmas tree is the Christmas tree you can use fishing line or string, which hangs from the top and radiating down where attached to the solid round base. Shiny toys are attached to strings in any order, most importantly, to discern the shape of a Christmas tree.

Какую елку выбрать

To make vintage jewelry by yourself

How to decorate a Christmas tree

Not to overdo, designers are advised to adhere to the rules of registration. The basis of a single color such as Golden or yellow, and it has to add accents in the form of a small colour additions of the toys or candles.

Toys warmer tones should be located below cold. Major place in the lower part, and small higher. Thus, you visually make the tree more lush. If you can't imagine the tree without the rain, hanging from the top down, try to make a line of rain and simply hang the toy in parallel to these lines. Well, between the rows of balls can place small decorations: ribbons or flowers.

You can wrap the tree with rain or garlands in a spiral. Parallel them to hang toys. With each following revolution, it is desirable to complement the new shades, but which would combine with the previous round.

By the way...

That tree stood for a long time and smelled of wild freshness, place it in a bucket of wet sand. Periodically, you need to add to the sand water. And in water it is recommended to add aspirin or sugar, and salt. To the scent of pine needles persisted for a long time, perform the following procedure: tear off a few sprigs, chop finely with a knife or mash by hand, then pour into a container in which stands a Christmas tree. The flavor will be brighter and will last longer.

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