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We arrange the furniture according to Feng Shui

Our prosperity depends not only on ourselves but also on the energy that lives with us. learned from the expert how to create a harmonious atmosphere to attract good luck into the house

Have you thought about the fact that the harmony in the home depends in part on the location of the interior? Where, for example, is a bed, depends on your sleep and overall health. The ancient science of Feng Shui is called upon to help you achieve prosperity and harmony. There are some General rules for furniture placement, to understand which will help us master of Chinese astrology and Feng Shui Jeanne Wei, who believes that "identical houses do not exist, as universal advice". Each has its own nuances — however there are basic guidelines that should be followed if you want to have an apartment with good energy.

Расставляем мебель по фэн-шую

For the free flow of energy you need to do correct placement, mobilephoto:

Let's start with the living room

One of the most important concepts in Feng Shui is Chi. The Chinese say that this energy is fundamental. So for the free flow of energy, you need to attend to the proper arrangement of furniture. It's not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. To start, determine which pieces of furniture are of most importance. In the living room these products are armchairs and a sofa. Importantly, you need to understand how to arrange them.

Jeanne Wei: "Try not to clutter the space much: no furniture, no accessories. Let's keep only what you really need. Feng Shui is the science of the movement of energy. If the energy is not moving — think of her at all. Locate the restrooms away from the entrance. So you will be able to fully rest."

It is not necessary to turn the sofa back to the window, it is better to lean it against the wall. Repeat the same with the chairs. When the backrest is turned to the window, the Chi can't circulate, on her way there are obstacles.

Arrange the sofa and chairs so that they formed a semicircle. So you will have more space for energy you will be comfortable to invite guests and communicate with them, not sitting in a line, and in spite of the guest. By the way, the sofa should be the legs.

If you want to put in the living room wardrobe and bedside tables, put them away from the door. In the presence of the mirror Cabinet, make sure it does not cover the front door. It's not a very good sign for the household.

Go to the bedroom

Bedroom — a special place in the house in which he lives is a powerful energy that is necessary to properly configure. You will not be able to relax, if you are going to create obstacles for Qi energy. All the furniture need to be placed around the perimeter of the room. You do not need to occupy the Central part of the room.

Jeanne Wei: "do Not put the headboard to the wall with passing her utilities. Rest and movement are different things. In this case, you will be hard to sleep or your sleep may be restless. First of all, Feng Shui is beauty, harmony and common sense. That is, under any circumstances, your bed should not be in the hallway."

Try not to clutter the bedroom, select the items that are really necessary, and everything else can be moved to another room.

Расставляем мебель по фэн-шую

Bedroom — a special place in the house in which he lives, a powerful energetico:

As for the design of furniture, it is important to pay attention to the corners — they should be rounded, try to avoid sharp corners, they distort the atmosphere.

Again, avoid mirrors, especially if they are located opposite each other. This can cause negative energy which will not let you sleep.

Move to the kitchen

Many ignore the placement of furniture in the kitchen, but in vain. In this place dwells the energy of water and fire, complete opposites. But because separate sink and stove in any table or another object. Look in the kitchen of the North-East and this place put the refrigerator. The plate is set on the South side, but it does not touch the wall.

Jeanne Wei: "Maintain cleanliness on a regular basis. Dust and dirt significantly spoil the energy space, and no calculations of Feng Shui will not help if it is banal not removed".

Расставляем мебель по фэн-шую

Many ignore the placement of furniture in the kitchen, and tratto:

Try to arrange the chairs so that everyone in the kitchen and sat with his back to the door. Energy passing through a door that carries a negative. Do not place the Desk under the shelves with heavy items — so the person sitting under them, can cause tightness and pressure.

All the items that you are not using, put it into a drawer and remove. Otherwise, they will accumulate negativity. And remember: the freer from the things of the room, the easier it is for energy to spread.


Children's room along with a bedroom — one of the most important rooms. From the present energy depends on the full development of the child.

The bed should be placed away from the door, if possible, buy one bed.

But a training area for the child, just better to have the door, put on the table a little further from the wall to between the wall and the table was to put the chair. Let the child sitting with his back to the wall.

Расставляем мебель по фэн-шую

Children's room along with a bedroom — one of the most important pomestite:

Entrance hall

In Chinese culture, great importance is attached to the room at the entrance. There is a belief that this place attracts financial well-being. As you have already understood from the previous paragraphs, the main enemy of energy — clutter the room, so, again, get rid of all the excess. Your front door and leave the only Shoe racks, dressing the rest of the elements slide into.

Most importantly — rely on the opinion of the family. Even if you are all set, be sure to consult with your family, maybe they a new arrangement of things causes discomfort. However, following our advice, you may be able to improve your energy at home. So says our expert Jeanne Wei: "the Most important thing — do not forget that you must be comfortable and good in your home, the only way you can recharge the energy of what is actually thought of Feng Shui".

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