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Put things in order on the dressing table: 5 simple life hacks - life Style -

No wonder the proverb says: "a tidy Desk is a tidy mind". The correct organization of storage of cosmetics on the dressing table will simplify the cleaning of the house and help gather in the morning. Share several lifehacks that actually work

Ksenia Парфенова31 Dec 2018 14:5576080

Наводим порядок на туалетном столике: 5 простых лайфхаков - Стиль жизни -

Driven cosmetics порядок

Organizer made of plastic — an alternative to purses

Surely you are not just faced with a problem when searching for the lipstick shade you need in the beautician takes a lot of time. The solution is buying a clear organizer plastic boxes and drawers for storing cosmetics. Their cost varies in the range of 100-500 ₽ Separately purchase a small basket for storing cotton swabs and discs, also creams, etc.

All the trash — in the trash

Most of us women are prone to hoarding on the principle of "just in case". Disassemble the bag: check the expiration dates of the funds; set aside those that you do not use and give to your friends; throw a half-empty tubes. Try an experiment: make it a rule not to buy a new tool, such as shadows, until the end of the same old colors. You will be surprised how much space, and most importantly the money that will save!

On the table — what you use now

Depending on the season we use different shades and textures. Clear the table of cosmetics, which don't use at the moment. This tone means shade darker than your skin color, bright lipsticks, sparkly shadows, and so forth. — it is better to postpone until the summer.

Cleaning kit always at hand

Put on the table a pack of wet wipes for cleaning — they are impregnated with the cleaning solution that quickly removes dirt and dust than ordinary cloth. The extent of contamination wipe their mirror, the lamps and the surface of the table. Dispose of used wipes in the trash table, which also suggest to buy — useful for small garbage like cotton swabs.

Clean brushes clean face

If the makeup brush you use, remember that they need to be regularly washed. Left overs that are stuck between fibers — an ideal environment for bacteria. In order not to provoke the inflammation on the face, brushes should be washed every week or two. Wet the brush under warm running water, squeeze the palm a drop of shampoo in a circular motion swipe it with a brush. For softness suggest to put on the pile a little hair conditioner, then rinse the brush under water. Dry it with a Hairdryer under a stream of cold air so it will dry quickly and will not deteriorate.

We are confident that our recommendations will help you to get rid of excess continue to maintain the cleanliness of the dressing table.


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