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Christmas: the most interesting traditions - life Style -

Christmas — a holiday that in many countries it is considered more meaningful than new year's eve. Orthodox Christmas is celebrated in many countries, and everywhere has its own characteristics

Juliana Калашникова6 Jan 2019 16:5551380

Рождество: самые интересные традиции - Стиль жизни -

How to celebrate Christmas in the world?Photo:


As in Russia, Georgia, the Church service and procession, which recalls the carnival procession. People rejoice, sing, play musical instruments, wear a Christmas costume. And after all marches returned home and lit a candle, which represents shelter for the virgin Mary. To the not had to look for a place in the stable when the baby will be born.


In this country, the Christmas traditions is the touch of paganism. For example, a very common ritual burning of the branches on Christmas morning. This will require a bundle of branches or oak log, intended to sacrifice. It even has its own name Badnyak. In the morning after Christmas night should be burned. Used to do in the woods, now twigs harness right at home, for example, in the fireplace. And those who have none, doing it in the tub. It is advisable to Badnyak burn with lots of sparks. It symbolizes wealth and good fortune.


In some American Orthodox churches Christmas is celebrated on December 25. However, many of those who adhere to the Julian calendar and celebrates on January 7. During the Christmas dinner, lay the white tablecloth as a sign of purity. It also symbolizes the cloth which wrapped the baby Jesus. On the table put the straw as a symbol of the simplicity of the birth place of the Savior.


Christmas in Greece is called Christougenna. During this period, the children sing carols and give colorful, hand made paper boats is a Greek Christmas symbol. In return you can buy me fruit or give a coin. According to ancient beliefs, here also believe in nasty elves kallikantzaros, therefore, protect the house from uninvited guests lit incense or sometimes a small wooden cross decorated with sweet Basil and dipped in a bowl of water. Then, the water sprayed in the corners. A traditional Christmas treat — macaroons kourabiedes, dusted with powdered sugar. Also on the table you can see the dessert kataifi of the exhaust test cut in fine thread-hairs, and melomakarona pastry with nuts and honey.


In Japan more than seventy Orthodox churches, and the Christmas can be celebrated as 25 December and 7 January. The service of many Japanese come in national clothes — kimono. This applies to both women and men. When Saint Nicholas began to preach Christianity in Japan, these clothes were worn everywhere, and now it has become a tribute to tradition and is worn on special occasions. Is Christmas in Japanese and another unexpected detail: after Christmas night, the priests come directly into the homes of believers, and there are "praising".


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