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10 items of comfort - the Style of life

To feel comfortable in your home, you need to create a special atmosphere. made a list of things that "warm" the cold evenings

Maria Блавацкая15 Jan 2019 16:13213750

10 предметов для домашнего уюта - Стиль жизни -

Create in the house, outpot:

Come as soon as the first cold evenings I want to close in a room and never come out. And only in these moments, you realize that Seating is not as comfortable, which could be. Of course, in an ordinary apartment not put a real fireplace with glowing coals, but there are many other things that will make the atmosphere comfortable for a long time.

We picked ten things that will brighten up your cold evenings.

10 предметов для домашнего уюта - Стиль жизни -

Original floor lamp will beautify, interestto:

A warm blanket

This is probably the first subject that comes to mind at the mention of home. It's quite a versatile thing: you can put him on the couch and take cover. In the store you can choose absolutely any colour, material and form, but we advise not to save and to purchase blanket from quality materials. The most popular ornament home blankets for a long time is the cell.

Original lamp or floor lamp

Cold, usually occur in autumn and winter, at the same time the window becomes darker after a few hours in the afternoon. In such circumstances, I want to keep the light in the room as long as possible. To do this, purchase a floor lamp or table lamp. Get creative: buy a floor lamp with a carving or fancy pattern. Don't limit yourself.

10 предметов для домашнего уюта - Стиль жизни -

Buy bright Palatinate:

Bed linen for children's room

When building a child's room it is important to consider the quality and material items. Not a very good idea to put a glass vase for flowers or a large aquarium on an unstable stand. The other extreme is when parents buy a large number of soft toys. Yes, they are not so dangerous, but collect a lot of dust, making it difficult to clean. Ideal to decorate children's room will be bright linen. Select the pattern in accordance with the wishes of the child.

10 предметов для домашнего уюта - Стиль жизни -

Original lamp for suchitoto:

Creative watch

If the size of the apartment allow, you can buy a grandfather clock. However, when the modest square metres more suited to a Desk clock, made in the form of some animal or plant. If you this option is not to your liking, look for vintage watches, however, they will cost dearly.

Towels with a picture

Go to the bathroom. On cold evenings a hot bath is the perfect solution. But the procedure after the adoption is no less important. Buy beautiful soft towels that will match the design of the room, fold them nicely and let them waiting.

Flower stands

The selection of colors for the house — quite a complicated procedure, but today we are not picking the plants themselves, and stand. Again, get creative or just choose a wooden stand which will blend in with the walls and the overall concept of the room

Unusual chair

If your apartment has space for hanging chairs, be sure to get it. Basically, the chairs are wicker. If you have a balcony-terrace, you will be much easier to fix a design for hanging chairs.


A great solution for your cozy home will be a candle. But to place them all over the apartment just on the table — a rather dangerous decision. To enjoy diffused light and not think about the possible consequences, buy special lantern where you can light a candle. By the way, in the daytime the carved lantern will be a great decor element.

The box of wood

Wood elements can fit almost any decor. One such jewelry can be a wooden box. The imagination of designers knows no bounds, and that means you have a wide choice. Be guided by your taste.

Pillows for the sofa

Like a blanket, pillows have become synonymous with comfortable home. No matter small or big, colored or simply colors, they will complement the interior space. There are no strict rules regarding the selection of pillows, even if they don't fit in color to the couch, you can still buy a couple of original cushions.


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