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Gifts for kids and their happy parents - lifestyle - and Pledson announce a competition to win an exclusive podoplelov and accessories for photo shoots

9 January 2019 19:11111740

Подарки для малышей и их счастливых родителей - Стиль жизни -

Remember your childhood photo album. I bet one of the first pages is a picture of the carpet — Soviet (as, however, and the former Soviet Union) symbol of wealth and prosperity. It is a pity that the frame is not fixed all the plot lines that the imagination of a child pulled out a fancy carpet patterns... Babies born at the threshold of 2019, much more fortunate. Pledson with their first shots will be filled and complemented with scenarios of which their parents could only dream of.

Подарки для малышей и их счастливых родителей - Стиль жизни -

No photoshop, filters and other methods of transformation of reality. Pledson — a real "organic" magic. The recipe for this magic is simple, as all ingenious: take a gentle fleece canvas, catching moments of happiness and turn them into exclusive illustrations. Get the blanket:

1) provide a conceptual backdrop for the first photo shoots;

2) after completing its task, will feed and warm (and, of course, magic) sleep your baby. gives you a unique chance to get one of the sets Pledson (photoplog and bodykit 100% cotton)!

To participate in the raffle:

- In the period from 27 December to 19 January you can subscribe to the page in and Facebook account in Instagram.

- Find the announcement of the draw in Facebook profile and note in the comment× 2 friends with whom you would like to share Christmas magic. Each comment will be assigned a serial number by which we will determine the 15 winners.

− January 19 we will hold a draw and call the names of the lucky winners of gift sets. Stay tuned to the website, Facebook and Instagram not to miss great news!

Подарки для малышей и их счастливых родителей - Стиль жизни -

If you want to arrange your baby photo session now, or to make a gift that will surprise and delight new parents Pledson gives you a 20% discount on your first order. Promo code: Pledson2019.


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