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What should not be in the house a good hostess - lifestyle -

Every woman wants her "nest" was cozy and atmospheric. will help you to do it if you follow our advice

Maria Блавацкая17 January 2019 13:43120590

Чего не должно быть в доме хорошей хозяйки - Стиль жизни -

We'll show you how to make a home, ultimate:

Everyone knows that a woman is a homemaker. It creates an atmosphere in the house. Everyday objects in the house reflect the character of the woman and her approach to farming. You can't always get rid of unnecessary things, so they accumulate and clutter up the apartment. And many things, just does not interfere, but they still need to throw out because they are obsolete, and their use in the future impossible. We have compiled a list of eight things that a good housewife will not tolerate in the house.

Чего не должно быть в доме хорошей хозяйки - Стиль жизни -

Good cookware is not always necessary, dorogovato:

Tableware, plastic

Plastic kitchenware, at first glance, convenient and practical. And, you can choose a plate of any color. Beauty! However, the use of disposable utensils is highly undesirable for an adult woman. If you are going on a picnic, plates and cups, plastic — thing, but at home they are absolutely not suitable for serving. No need to think that ordinary kitchenware is expensive, now there are many budget options from a variety of materials. In addition, plastic is very harmful to the body.

Furniture "on time"

The aim of every housewife is to make the house more atmospheric and cozy. When it comes to comfort, there's nothing worse than furniture that you buy to wait out the time until you acquire the furniture you have always dreamed of. Try to choose such furniture that not only like, but also suited to the interior of the dwelling. And, of course, were of good quality.

Чего не должно быть в доме хорошей хозяйки - Стиль жизни -

Refrain from folding Devadatta:


A grown woman who wants to create a cozy space, should refrain from buying sofas. First, it is not combined with the concept of "home atmosphere", and secondly, it is inconvenient to use, as constantly having to disassemble and assemble it back. Double bed — one of the first pieces of furniture that you want to appear in the house of a woman building a family.

Dirty curtain in the bathroom

Soap residue, shampoo and gel on the blind are a great place for bacteria to grow. If you can not boast of good health, wash your curtain at least once in two weeks. To do this you need a weak vinegar solution.

Magazines with expired date

We are not talking about collector's editions, we're talking about magazines that you bought at one time. If you are a man of creative profession, perhaps you will need some cuts, but in other cases they just collect dust. Why collect junk pile and throw with peace of mind.

Old carpets

There is nothing that gathers dust like an old rug that has lost its appearance. Contain the carpet clean is difficult and sometimes requires a financial investment in a professional cleaning, especially if the carpet is expensive. Many people no longer use rugs as a piece of furniture and stored them in the garage, in the attic or on the balcony. Free up space by throwing out a dusty roll.

Чего не должно быть в доме хорошей хозяйки - Стиль жизни -

Old carpets have never, splitto:

Plastic plants

Flowers in pots "refresh" any premises, but only if they live. Artificial flowers are like only for public spaces and for photo shoots, at home they will look just awful. If you absolutely can't do without greenery, buy plants that do not require special skills in the cultivation and care.

The "old" jam

Usually jam cannot be stored for more than two years, and if the fruit is with seeds, the storage life is reduced to six months, because then the product begins to produce harmful substances. Buy as much cans as you can to eat in the near future, allow space in the fridge for other healthy and tasty products.


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