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Who of the Russian stars settled abroad?

Zhanna Friske, acting in Miami; Ilya Lagutenko in the interiors of Jurmala cafe; Alena Apina, peacefully buy the products in Marbella. They and many other celebrities have already not tourists, but almost locals. We conducted our audit of the star homes abroad.

Кто из российских звезд обосновался за границей?

photo: Gennady Avramenko

A whole constellation of comedians loves the pearl of Jurmala - complex Lielupes Marienbade. According to unofficial information, in this house settled chief кавээнщик Russia Alexander Maslyakov. Here owns apartments is 235 square meters Vladimir Vinokur. Among other neighbors - Emmanuil Vitorgan, Klara Novikova and Denis Evstigneev. To them joined actress Olga Budina, bought an apartment in the same area. In the former House of rest writers grow roots Arkady Ukupnik, Valery Syutkin and Andrey Makarevich.
However, the purchases are successful. Rumor had it that the new Jurmala apartment Gennady Khazanov in winter time the temperature does not rise above 16 degrees. And all because of the fact that neighbors Gennady Viktorovich due to the economic crisis and a downturn in the housing market yet. Therefore, and heated house in the economy mode.
Ilya Lagutenko bought apartments in the house which sits practically right on the beach. Wonderful view on the sea, the proximity of the «Dzintari» concert hall (in case I need to speak) and excellent tracks for Cycling. Together with his family 43-year-old musician with pleasure rides a bike on юрмальским expanses.

Кто из российских звезд обосновался за границей?

Ilya Lagutenko. Photo: Avramenko, Gennady.
Real estate in Latvia is and Igor Krutoy, which annually conducts in Jurmala contest «New wave». In past years the composer stayed in hotels, but now comes to own a house worth about 250 thousand euros. They say it is a very profitable price, which is possible only in conditions of economic crisis.

Valery Leontiev was one of the first Russian artists, who were able to discover this resort in Florida. Artist bought a house in Miami in the late 1980s. He did this for his wife Lyudmila Isakovich. The periodically visited by: the holiday, New year mark and play with her dog, Nancy. Leontiev has two-storey cottage with a huge pool. They say that the interior is dominated by leather and skins of animals. The house, however, contrary to rumors, is much less than the 3 million dollars, which is so fond of gossip gossips.
Igor Nikolayev, too, Florida resident. Almost twenty years ago, he bought an apartment in the area of Sunny Isles beach and loves to celebrate in Miami for his birthday. This year, Igor together with his wife Julia Проскуряковой invited guests are invited to dine at the famous Villa Versace. The singer for the sake of his name day took a floor where formerly living room of the late designer.
Nearby settled Alla Pugacheva. However, there are persistent rumors that the Diva is going to sell his apartment and buy a house near the Villa, where he now lives with her daughter Kristina Orbakaite with her husband Mikhail Zemtsov. Mol, Mikhail people not so rich and the house he is not very large. And Alla Borisovna not want to embarrass them. House approximate $ 2 million it had already found. He is not far from Villa Igor Krutoy. By the way, the famous composer can be safely called the Russian king of the U.S. real estate. Not so long ago the main news, which passed on by word of mouth among the new York realtors, was the acquisition of Steep apartment, which is located in a residential complex Plaza Hotel in new York and worth approximately $ 48 million. Window dwellings overlooking Central Park, and the area of the apartment - 560 square meters.
Philip Kirkorov bought a fancy mansion in Miami in honor of the birth of his daughter. And already gave it to her, not managed girl celebrate the first birthday in my life. Area mansion over seven hundred square meters, and the area around it is about 1400 square meters. Pool attached.

Кто из российских звезд обосновался за границей?

Leonid Agutin. Photo: Avramenko, Gennady.
Leonid Agutin and Angelica Varum in Miami, is rumored to have already three apartments. Last Leonid allegedly bought a gift for wife on birthday. Stars settled in the elite residential complex Tramp Towers on the Sunny island. The most modest apartment in a 45-metre towers is not less than 500 thousand dollars. However, here there is everything for this stellar life: swimming pool, private beach access, security service, a SPA and fitness centre, a terrace overlooking the ocean and other benefits of civilization. Together with Varum and Agutin homeowners are the father of Angelica and 13-year old daughter stellar couple Elizabeth, who permanently reside in the us. The girl speaks English better than Russian, and played in the school band.

Кто из российских звезд обосновался за границей?

Irina Allegrova. Photo: Avramenko, Gennady.

Singer Irina Allegrova recently became the host of spacious apartment costing about one and a half million dollars. According to rumors, such Imperial gift made her one of the richest people in Ukraine.
Apartment in one of the elite complexes she bought and Zhanna Friske. She chose penthouse with ocean view. According to the most modest calculations, the apartments are estimated at one million dollars.
On the streets of Miami can be seen as Queen Natasha. There for permanent residence of the older sister, rusya with a spouse and mother, who teaches at a local music school and have been married a Russian American.


For many years in the South of Spain, near Marbella removes large beautiful apartment presenter Tatyana Lazareva with her husband Mikhail Шацем. Close to rest and Natasha Ionova-Chistyakova, known as ГлюкґOza. Blonde conducted in Spain about six months: the kids love it, and Natalia itself against life under the palm trees. Together with her husband, a businessman they live in a rented Villa, which has long since become their second home. By the way, as you can guess, the artists go to each other guests. For example, the most recent ГлюкґOza was invited to a birthday to Lazareva and gave her a fur bag from Valentino. Apparently, when Tatiana will have already returned to Moscow.

Кто из российских звезд обосновался за границей?

Glucose. Photo: Avramenko, Gennady.
Singer Alena Apina's also a fan of Marbella. Warmer months, she spends with his family in a big house. «We're not here to suffer from lack of communication. Accept guests from Russia, to visit friends, our life is very saturated. Remarkably, in southern Spain and everyone gets what they are looking for... » - says the artist. Somehow during the warm season Alena toured in Russia seven times, but still came back to Marbella.

Stas Mikhailov bought the Villa in Budva and thus made a gift to his wife for the wedding, which took place in past year. According to the estimates of realtors, Villa in the area of Montenegro is from 200 up to 400 thousand dollars. Apparently, for a star is not a problem: recently artist too bought an apartment in Moscow for 180 million rubles.
Writer Julia Shilova bought a two-storey house in the village of Duke Novi, Savina. However, it turned out that she was the only Russian to reside in the area. Unmarried and небедную lady immediately began to cultivate gigolo and even the mafia. In the end had to go to the police. Now Yulia is thinking about selling a home and purchase a property in another place.

Кто из российских звезд обосновался за границей?

Julia Shilova. Photo: Avramenko, Gennady.


In tel Aviv lives actress Anastasiya Tsvetaeva. Together with her husband-Israeli Nadab Олгана and son Kuzma from his first marriage Nastya settled in a comfortable apartment and perfectly accustomed to a new environment.

Кто из российских звезд обосновался за границей?

Anastasia Tsvetaeva. Photo: Avramenko, Gennady.
On the upper floors of a skyscraper in the city of Netanya bought a house tennis player Maria Sharapova. The house is built on the shore of the Mediterranean sea. The total area of 350 square meters, there are two huge balconies and a wide roof, where you can even set the pool.


It is easy to guess that a small piece of Bulgaria owns Philip Kirkorov. He bought a luxury apartment in elite residential complex. After him followed Lolita Milyavskaya and Arkady Ukupnik. However, it soon became clear that the complex is not so good as was initially introduced: instead of the first line of the beach of artists now live on the fourth, in the house does not work plum, with property owners are asked to 7 thousand euros for a specific utilities. In General, now artists instead of rest ahead of litigation.

Кто из российских звезд обосновался за границей?

Mikhail Boyarsky. Photo: Avramenko, Gennady.
Mikhail Seignioral lucky a lot more. A couple of years ago Bulgaria visited the actor's wife. Looked impressed and immediately began to consider a proposal about sale. And then I went home to, consulting, to a buying decision. Eventually bought a new two-storey penthouse. Luxury apartment is situated on the Black sea coast, just two kilometers from the black sea resort Sunny beach and from the famous city-Museum Nessebar.

United Kingdom
The Alsu in London has excellent large apartment. They say, first she lived there with his brother, but now she has a husband, so brother lives separately. The apartment is truly the Royal bedroom and even sauna.

Кто из российских звезд обосновался за границей?

Alsu. Photo: Avramenko, Gennady.
Lithuanian actress Ingeborga Dapkunaite moved to London in 1993, followed her husband, British film Director Simon Стоуксом. With the latter, she had already divorced, but continues to live in London, while in Russia only on the shooting.

Known worldwide boxer Kostya Tszyu is a native of Sverdlovsk region, for 20 years living in Australia.

Кто из российских звезд обосновался за границей?

Kostya Tszyu. Photo: Avramenko, Gennady.

In Sydney from it the house, where they together with his wife are raising two sons and a daughter. Somehow boxer even admitted that he now considers his house anymore Australia than for Russia. And this is understandable: in Russia it has rented accommodation.

Ulyana Kalashnikov


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